The best of Secret Santa!

I think you’ll all agree with me when I say that Christmas is one of the best times of the year. My favourite part is buying and giving gifts to people! It’s becoming more popular to take part in Secret Santa with family and friends now and most of the time there is a limit to what you can spend on someone’s gift. I love buying fun gifts for people and Urban Outfitters do some really unique gifts for every budget. 

Under £10

First up, these Galaxy String Lights are perfect to add a little decoration to any university room, they’re 7.5ft long so there is plenty of string to pin along your bookcase or to even wind around some family photographs to add a nice little touch to them. Next, tinned candles are great for presents, I’ve definitely bought them as gifts for people before. The winter candy cane scent is a must for Christmas! Finally, this crushes notebook is definitely more of a funny gift, it looks like it would be fun to fill out. The way it works is that you fill out your past and present crushes and then use the formulas provided to reveal everything you need to know about your future love life! UrbanOSecretSanta_Article_3

Under £15

This book is perfect for anyone planning to travel either after university or in a gap year. The Travel Guide for The Young, Sexy and Broke is like a normal travel guide but instead of having the normal tourist destinations it has more off-beat destinations. It also has guides on budgeting, accommodation and transportation. It even gives you tips on how to stay travelling for longer! Next up, what student couldn’t find the use for a cookbook? This Eat! one is a simple yet detailed cookbook complete with graphics that detail the tips given. This would be perfect for people of all skill levels in the kitchen! Finally, Spin the shot is an adult take on spin the bottle, a perfect game for a group of friends! It would be a great game to have at pre-drinks and a fun present to buy someone. UrbanOSecretSanta_Article_2

Under £30

If you're planning on a more expensive Secret Santa with your besties then this Glass Jewellery Box is really pretty. But, it doesn’t have to be used as just a jewellery box it can be used for anything! It would be a nice present for someone who is hard to buy for. This Talking Tables Pub Quiz Game is a must buy! Whether it’s for a present or just for a game to play at Christmas time with your friends and family. Everyone loves a pub quiz! Trivia games are the types that will cause laughter and also cause arguments! I think anyone would be grateful to receive this game as a gift. Finally, candles are again a great present, this particular one has scents of red fruit and violet which would be such a nice fresh smelling candle. UrbanOSecretSanta_Article_1 There you have it - some ideas on Secret Santa presents to suit all budgets. Don’t forget to use your UNiDAYS® account to receive 10% off at Urban Outfitters! Happy shopping!

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