Fifty Shades: So bad, it's good!

'Not another film’ I hear them say. It never ceases to amaze me that every time a new Fifty Shades film comes out all the conversations are about how bad it is. However, with each new film comes more box office records being smashed. So, people are definitely going to see it. Just indulge yourself, why don’t you! Here’s some reasons you secretly love it and some things to look forward to in the latest instalment.

1. We already know what’s going to happen but we don’t care

Fifty Shades started off as Twilight fan fiction, so if when reading the book or watching these films the plot seemed a bit familiar, that’s why! But you know what, do you even care?

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2. The Wedding

We all love watching a good wedding scene and the third instalment gives us a great one to watch. No matter how horrendous the relationship, you can’t deny it makes for some great viewing.

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3. Fit cast

We know this isn’t the best reason to enjoy a film, but if it’s a choice between watching Jamie Dornan strutting around in lil blue shorts or staying in and watching Phil Mitchel grunting in Eastenders, I know where I’d rather be.

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4. Sex scenes

Whether you find them funny or hot, you’re still watching!

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5. Rita Ora’s horrific acting

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with Rita. In these films Rita’s acting skills have been questionable to say the least. She’s set to play a bigger part in the new films, so we’ll have lots of fuel to add to the love/hate fire.

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6. It’s fancy

Once you’ve made your peace with the fact that just after graduation Ana has some hot-shot job with her own office, just sit back and indulge in all the fanciness. From holidays to the South of France, private plane trips and amazing gowns it gets pretty fancy and we can appreciate that.

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Here's the trailer for Fifty Shades Freed in case you missed it:

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