10 people you'll meet this freshers

Heading off to uni you'll probably meet a lot of people you won't be familiar with. Even if you think you know these type of people, be prepared for them all to live in the same flat! Here's the 10 people you'll definitely meet this Freshers, trust me.

1. Gap yah

They've been to every place under the sun and start all stories with "when I was in Thailand/Australia/Vietnam...". They're a great mate to have if you need advice for your own travels though! Plus, they might turn into George Ezra and have a hit album all about the places they've seen.

2. Hipster

Probably has a beard, probably too cool for you. Overly-opinionated and only eats pulled pork from a slate or a wooden board and drinks beer if it's 'craft'. jumphipster Gif Source

3. The cryer

Usually, this person is homesick and needs a shoulder to cry on and someone to reassure them that everything's OK. Be the good person and give 'em a hug. If they're talking about leaving, make it your person mission to stop them because they'll love it once they're in the swing of things! giphy-1 (This is definitely our most over-used GIF here at UNiDAYS® but we just can't resist!)

4. The mature student

They probably won't be living with you but there might be one on your course. Hopefully they won't try and be 'cool' and 'on your level', hopefully they'll just try and be themselves and fit in that way. But they could be this guy... giphy-2 GIF Source

5. The rich kid

Stick close to this guy if you want sick holidays and free drinks. They might actually be a nice guy/gal though, so try to look past the moneybags in their eyes. 200-2 GIF Source

6. The southener

More than likely there will be someone from London or Essex in your flat and slowly, one by one, even the most Northern of kids will start to sound like them. It's infectious. Watch out.


7. The northerner

On the opposite side of the spectrum there will without doubt be a strong, proud Northerner. You will have the 'what do you call a bread roll' conversation more than once in your student lives. When I went to uni, it was a roll, now, in my life it's a cob. Sorry, not sorry! paddymcguinnessfeat Image Source Small shout-out to all the Midlanders who will be called 'Northern' and hate it. You'll never explain where you live, stop trying.

8. The party-animal

The one that wants to treat every week like Fresher's week. Their diet equals kebab shops and coco pops. That's not a witty album name, that's a recipe for a failed degree. giphy-4 GIF Source

9. The fashion girl

She's probably a blogger and she'll probably get about 10 parcels a week from random PR companies and spend most of the time photographing her feet or latest beauty love. The most common thing she'll hear is either "did you get that for free?" or "I'm going to start a blog too!". Yeah, you won't and she probably doesn't like you unless you volunteer to take her outfit photos. Soz. ‌

10.  The mum

There will always be one person who kind of adopts the rest of the flat, they are forever called 'the sensible one'. Even if they don't mean to be, it totally happens. If this is you, draw the line at ironing other people's clothes. Making tea is fine, ironing 6 lads shirts before their night out? Not cool. [Hero Image](https://unsplash.com/photos/RmO3If0EYHM)

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