8 pizza places to get delivered on your cheat day

If your cheat days have been reduced to rationing your last Easter egg, we’ve got a far more superior way for you to treat yourself. DesignMyNight are here to fill us in on the best spots delivering crusts across the UK so everyone’s pizza cravings are satisfied during lockdown, from faithful vegans to die hard cheese fiends.

Lost Boys Pizza - London

Known for their gothic take on dining and mega bottomless horror screenings, London’s vampire-themed pizzeria are still cooking up mighty plates for us to sink our fangs into at home. All made with their signature black charcoal dough, you’ll be feasting on slices topped with their trademark ‘Bloody Good Ragu’, grilled strips of chicken, all types of veg and a thick layer of bubbly cheese. And for those who prefer their food plant-based? There’s plenty of vegan options to choose from.

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Radio Alice - London

You can crust that your pizza needs are in safe hands during lockdown, as one of London’s most notorious Italian spots dishes up the goods, one sourdough base at a time. Putting TLC into each and every slice, Radio Alice has a winning line-up of perfect and affordable pizzas, from the ‘Spicy Calabrian’ to a gooey four-cheese masterpiece. These guys are also giving you the option to add a bottle of wine or prosecco to your order, so you can pop a bottle or two during your cheat feast.

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Yard Sale Pizza - London

The pizza kings of East London are contributing to the foodie cause during lockdown with a mammoth takeaway menu packed with vegan-friendly options and bizarre toppings. Costing as little as £7.50 - with a whopping 18 inch base if the 12 inch just won’t cut it, Yard Sale Pizza crown their bases with all sorts, from wild broccoli marinated in garlic to fennel sausage, caper berries and truffle oil. They also stock a truckload of sides, dips, drinks and desserts to help you bring your cheat day to the next level.

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Four Hundred Rabbits - London

Four Hundred Rabbits are keeping the flame alive in their wood fired pizza oven during lockdown, so it’s only right we make the most of it. The toppings on their sourdough artisan pizzas range from sweet rhubarb to spicy chorizo, and for those seeking cheese heaven? You won’t be disappointed by the generous helpings of stringy mozzarella, and the chance to chomp on slices covered in feta, manchego and/or Montgomery cheddar.

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Mulberry Street - London

Fans of the foodie philosophy ‘to go big or go home’, Mulberry Street are encouraging Londoners to go big and stay home by ordering in one of their award-winning 20 inch New York pizzas. Whether you’re down to share or you’re privy to eating leftover pizza for breakfast, these bad boys are a great value option, costing as little as £22 a pop. For less than £6 you can add wings (which we highly recommend) and something sweet - you can’t go wrong with their best-selling chocolate fudge cake.

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Pizza Pilgrims - London

While we’ve pressed pause on pilgrimages to the city for our favourite slices, one much-loved spot is bringing the dough to your door in their own unique way. Pizza Pilgrims have launched DIY frying pan pizza kits (soon going Nationwide) with all the components you need to create your own crust. If you’re looking to cater for a more romantic occasion (insert winky face), look no further than their £35 date night kits that come complete with two pizzas, an indulgent Nutella ring and four cans of beer. Cheers.

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Ciaooo Pizzeria - Manchester

If you live in Manchester and have a soft spot for pizzas topped with jumbo balls of burrata, say ‘ciao’ to your new favourite takeaway, Ciaooo. This lot are taking their signature cheetah-print crusts and chewy bases to people’s front doors with an extensive menu of knock-out pizzas sporting tasty toppings like spicy sausage, pistachio cream and pancetta. Our advice? Fork out an extra £6 for their honey-drizzled cheesy garlic bread and an extra £11 on their calzone dessert. It comes stuffed with Nutella and topped with Biscoff crumble and mini doughnuts.

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Crust - Liverpool

An award-winning Italian restaurant in Liverpool that is doing their bit in the name of cheat days, the only issue is having to pick from their gigantic selection of dough-based dishes. Ranging from just £8 - £14, Crust is giving Liverpudlians the option of going classic or fancy, all while staying in budget, with pizzas decorated with artichokes and roast pork, all the way through to fillet steak, shavings of black truffle, smoked salmon and half a frickin’ lobster.

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For more information on pizza in London, visit DesignMyNight.com and follow them on Instagram and Facebook; @DesignMyNight.

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