5 library-friendly study snacks

Ever sit in the library, nose in a book, but silently seething at the noisy eaters or the deliciously off-putting smells of fast food wafting around you? We feel you! So, we've put together a list of quiet study snacks to help you avoid becoming 'that guy' (or girl) this study season.

1. Fruity smoothies

We know how it is during deadlines, all you want to do is stick your headphones in, and graze on crisps and sugary snacks (Malteasers were my go-to), but a fruity smoothie will not only give you plus points on the noise and smell factor but you also get extra plus points for brain-boosting smoothies containing blueberries which are full of antioxidants that help to protect brain cells or even chia seeds which are high in omega-3 fatty acids.

2. Protein balls

Our girl Allie literally puts the pro in protein balls, her recipe is not only delicious and chocolatey, but also super easy to make. Therefore we think these protein balls are the perfect library snack that you can grab on the go and will keep you fuelled during your lengthy study session, perfection! Check out her full recipe here.

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3. Pitta and hummus

Move over carrot sticks, we're taking a dip with pitta bread this library sesh. I personally, cannot live without hummus of all flavours, and as much as I enjoy a good carrot stick, pitta bread definitely ticks the box for library-friendliness, plus pittas are the perfect crisp replacement in this scenario.

4. Overnight oats

It's basically like having a dessert for breakfast, and they do say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so make it a great one with some homemade overnight oats. One of my favourite things about overnight oats is the free-reign you have to make them however you want. If you want berry oats to give your brain a boost, you can. If you fancy something a little sweeter, like chocolate brownie oats, you certainly can. And if you're a complete peanut butter nutter, like me, there's definitely a type of overnight oats for that too!

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5. Chicken and avocado sandwich

Well, pretty much any sandwich would count as a library-friendly snack to me, not including those of the fast-food kind such as a McChicken Sandwich® or a subway - too much crunch! But a nice simple homemade sarnie such as chicken and avocado certainly wouldn't go amiss with me. We've got the health benefits of an avocado (hello superfood) and all the protein from the chicken, plus there's the yum-factor to top it off.

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