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New Limited Edition Impact Week Clothing!
Check out our New Limited Edition Impact Week Clothing! Get involved in our giveaway to win some!
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Which of our PRO shakers would be your 'go-to' shaker?
  • Metal Shaker
  • Shakespeare Shaker
  • Smartshake
  • Smartshake Slim
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Which of Mypro rollers would you use for recovery?
  • 2-in-1 roller
  • Vibrating foamroll
  • Pulse Roll
  • Vibrating ball
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MyPRO x Pulseroll - The Mini Massage Gun
Recovery is essential when training like a PRO! Check out our New Pulse Roll to aid your recovery!
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Impact Week Limited Edition Protein Bars!
Fancy treating yourself to some Limited Edition Myprotein Bars? Try New Cherry Bakewell flavours!
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Which of our Brand New Impact Week Clear Black Cherry flavoured Tubs will you try? 🍒
  • Clear Whey Isolate
  • Clear Vegan Whey
  • Clear Collagen
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Win a Myprotein Limited Edition Women's Clothing Bundle
To celebrate IMPACT WEEK, enter now for your chance to win a limited edition women's clothing bundle
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Enjoy a jam-packed schedule of talks and Q&As with the biggest names in the fitness industry.
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Which of our Clear Whey Family Range will you try? 🍒
  • Clear Whey Isolate
  • Clear Vegan range
  • Whey Electrolyte
  • Clear Gainer
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When Would You Take Your Amino Acids? (EAA's/BCAA's) 🏋️
  • 1-2 hours before workout?
  • Just before your workout?
  • During your workout?
  • After your workout?
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Do you take Amino Acids within your diet?
  • Yes?
  • No?
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What are EAAs?
Myprotein nutritionist explains what EAAs are, and what the difference is from Impact Whey protein!
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When do you take Pre Workout?
  • Only before workouts?
  • Before running & your workouts?
  • Only on 'game day'?
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Do you take Pre Workout?
  • Yes
  • No
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Pre-Workout - Everything you need to know!
When do you need Pre Workout? What does is actually do? Find out here!
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How Often Do You Consume Sports Nutrition Products?
  • Less than once a week?
  • 1-2 times per week?
  • 3-4 times per week?
  • 5+ times per week?
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What Types of Nutritional Products Do You Usually go for?
  • Protein Powders?
  • Pre - Workout?
  • Amino Acids?
  • Sports Nutrition Bars?
  • Vitamins & Minerals?
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We Have Our New Ryan Terry x Mypro Pre Thermo & IN:EAA! Which Flavour Will You Try? 💥
  • Cherry Cola Cubes?
  • Sweet Apple?
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Which of the following, best describes your fitness journey? 🏋️
  • Beginner?
  • Regular Gym Goer?
  • Competitive?
  • Instructor/Personal Trainer?
  • Professional Athlete?
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Budget Recipes From 45p | Wallet & Macro Friendly
Fancy maintaining a healthy balanced diet whilst saving a few pennies? Check out our budget meals!
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Which of our NEW Mypro Pre Thermo Flavours will you try? 🏋️‍♂️
  • Sour Apple?
  • Cherry Cola?
  • Pineapple Mango?
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What Type Of Music Do You Listen To During Your Workout? 🎵
  • Dance Music?
  • Hip Hop?
  • Rap?
  • Heavy Metal?
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Which are of our NEW Mypro Plant flavours will you try? 🌿
  • Chocolate?
  • Salted Caramel?
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Mypro - The Plant
Introducing our most advanced performance focussed vegan protein blend! Check it out here!
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Get Your Hands On One Of Our Hotel Chocolat Easter Eggs!
Easter is only round the corner, treat yourself to a NEW Hotel Choc Easter Egg! Pre Order now!
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How Often Do You Exercise Per Week?
  • just the one day?
  • 2-4 times?
  • 4-6 times!?
  • Every Day????
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What Does Creatine Do?
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Chunks x Viddal Riley - Pancake Challenge!
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Eddie Hall x MyPro ! Which Will You Try? 💪
  • Pre Workout?
  • All In One?
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Viddal Riley - MyPro
Don't miss Viddal Riley try to maintain his unbeaten record for his UK debut on Sat 19th Feb! 🥊
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MyPRO - The Pre Thermo
Turn up the heat with the new Pre Thermo! Feel the 'Burn' and take your workouts to the next level!
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Israel Adesanya - The Last Stylebender
MyPRO's Israel Adesanya to maintain his unbeaten UFC record! Don't miss the big fight 12/02!
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Why You Can’t Target Belly Fat | Expert PT Reveals
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30-Minute Full Body Dumbbell Workout
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Win Signed Tubs Of Ryan Terry’s Limited Edition PRO Range
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Ryan Terry x Mypro
We've teamed up with Ryan Terry, 6 x Mr Olympia entrant to bring you two powerful NEW supplements!
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Best Training Split For Building Muscle | Expert Reveals All
Quick and informative video on the best training regimes to build muscle! Check it out now!
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Cyril Gane - The Predator Of The Octagon
We are proud to announce Cyril Gane as our new Mypro ambassador! Don't miss his big fight 22/01/22.