Get shimmery with our festival glitter tutorial

We've paired up with the awesome Glittermee and Feelunique to show you guys how to get these amazing glitter beard and glitter makeup looks fresh for festival season! I'm sure you guys can agree this looks literally amazing and we can't wait for Glastonbury to roll around.

Check out Anna & Danny before their transformations!

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Neptune's glitter beard

Step 1: Apply a layer of face paint to your beard

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Step 2: Mix hair gel with glitter, we used L'Oreal Professional Paris Wet Domination Extreme Splash Hair Gel

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Step 3: Apply chunky glitter and then apply some fine glitter on top for extra sparkle!

Step 4: Spray hairspray all over the beard to make it stay! We used John Frieda Touchable Memory Hairspray from Feelunique.


Start with your everyday makeup and then ramp it up with the glitter and shimmer!

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Step 1: Apply highlighter to the tops of your cheeks, we've used Barry M Illuminating Highlight Palette.

Step 2: Time for glitter! Apply some eyeshadow to where you want your glitter as a guide.

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Step 3: Grab some false eyelash glue to stick your chunky glitter on!

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Step 4: Pop some Vaseline on a brush to make sure the fine glitter sticks perfectly. We used the Barry M Glitter Rush Body Glitter.

Step 5: Blend, blend, blend! Here they both are afterwards.

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