4 grooming tips for the festive season

As winter rolls around, we tend to forget the importance of updating some of our daily routines and taking a little extra care of ourselves. Just like you need a bit of extra time to defrost and warm up the car in the morning, the same goes for our grooming routines. I’ve put together 4 grooming tips that will help in 4 different areas your grooming routine this festive season and make sure you look just as good as you did in your beach photos that seem like a distant memory right now!

1. Switch up your shaving product

Your face is going to take a battering this winter, there’s no doubt about it so it’s essential you follow a decent routine if you shave. Getting the skin prepped before shaving is key, ideally, you should clean your entire face and then use a pre-shave oil to soften the whiskers.

Follow this with a good shave cream or gel and shave with the grain rather than against it like most guys tend to do. Once finished, treat the face to a post-shave balm which will help reduce razor burn and begin hydrating the skin, perfect for this cold weather.

I know this seems like a lot of work but luckily for you, brands like Anthony have packed everything you need together. Sure it’s a bit of an outlay but your skin will thank you for it in the long run!

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2. Super skincare

As with shaving, there are lots of steps to the perfect skincare routine that we often overlook as guys. Now I’m not going to preach too much (hopefully) so I’ll just give you this one tip to add to your arsenal. A lot of concerns us guys have with our skin can be helped by exfoliating. Simply adding a product such as the Clinique Face Scrub to your routine will revive and smooth tired and dry skin. The tiny grains in the product help to lift the very top layer of dead skin normal face washes can't grab, it also helps to de-flake any dry skin you have trapped under your beard, see how these all link?!

You will want to start off with using this kind of product once or twice a week to begin with and over time build up to almost daily use throughout the winter season to help keep your face at it’s freshest.

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3. Boss your beard care

We’ve covered shaving so it’s only fair I through a few tips the way of the guys that have banished the blade. A beard is the perfect accessory for winter, not only does it look rugged and add to that lumberjack look, it also keeps your face warm!

Beard oill is a must have for winter, the skin beneath the beard can become sensitive and flakey if your beard becomes dry and lacking moisture. You can also use the beard oil to add a seasonal fragrance to your product lineup. This ManCave oil has a bergamot and black pepper scent from the oils it uses, creating a masculine, winter appropes fragrance.

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4. Happy haircare

Throughout the winter months you’ll probably be indoors and outdoors quite a lot, putting on and taking off hats and blow drying your hair. This can cause lots of problems as the hair gets heated and then thrown out in the cold weather, which attacks the root of your hair.

Taking time out each day to thoroughly massage the hair under warm water with a gentle nourishing shampoo will help the alleviate some of the issues you might face. The TIGI Bed Head Daily Shampoo is ideal for this sort of thing, the daily hydrators add and retain moisture in the hair, menthol helps to leave the hair feeling refreshed and being a daily shampoo it helps to remove product build up. For a bit of extra care and attention, you could follow this up with their Clean Up Conditioner once or twice a week too.

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I hope this helps, guys, taking a bit of extra care in the winter can be easily overlooked as we tend to follow the same, every day routine. The good news is that you can save with UNiDAYS if you add any of the products above to your line up!

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