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TOMS 15% korting - UNiDAYS studentenkorting september 2021

Service Update

In light of the current COVID-19 situation you may experience delivery delays. Also, we have extended our returns policy from 30 to 60 days until further notice.



15% studentenkorting
TOMS Advertentie
What style would you take into autumn? 🍂
  • The Lug
  • The Alex
  • The Bryce
  • The Lug Alp
TOMS Advertentie
The ROVER™ goes water resistant 💧
Somewhere between a slip on and a sneaker.
TOMS Advertentie
The MALLOW™ MULE PUFF, featuring cushy quilted uppers.
Just when you thought your slip on collection was complete.
TOMS Advertentie
THE MALLOW™ PUFF ☁️ - A shoe of epic proportions
With cushy quilted uppers, that deliver an extra layer of style.
TOMS Advertentie
Back to campus with TOMS
New shoes for a new chapter.
TOMS Advertentie
THE MALLOW™ - Worn by @_thisisclaire
Check out some of our favourite looks from our TOMS Community.
TOMS Advertentie
Introducing THE MALLOW™ PUFF
Everything to see here. ☁️
TOMS Advertentie
Let’s talk trash (but keep it clean)
Giving new purpose to 1.6 ocean-bound plastic bottles collected near the coast.
TOMS Advertentie
Sandal weather? Is that you? - Pick your favourite!
  • The Sicily
  • The Ava
  • The Bree
  • The Carly
TOMS Advertentie
Get your lace on
Easy breezy crochet Alpargatas, just in time for warmer weather.
TOMS Advertentie
Introducing THE ROVER™
Shoes on a mission. Part slip-on, part sneaker.
TOMS Advertentie
Meet @mimizhuxiyuan
The Mallow™ - At the feet of people driving change.
TOMS Advertentie
Pack Your Baskets...
It's officially picnic season with the Alpargata
TOMS Advertentie
Our signature silhouette on a cushy, supersized sole.
TOMS Advertentie
The Alpargata. How would you wear yours?
  • Vintage Vibes
  • Dressed Up
  • On the go
  • Street Style
TOMS Advertentie
Sink your feet in.
TOMS Advertentie
Big, bold, and as for the rules, there are none.
TOMS Advertentie
@mazullah is introducing our summer staples in white canvas. 100% vegan and comfy from day one.
TOMS Advertentie
The Carly
The slide you’ll wear on repeat with an impact that’s likewise worth repeating.
TOMS Advertentie
The Alpargata
We’re not changing the world, but we’re at the feet of people who are.
TOMS Advertentie
The Paloma: Time to crossover
The ultimate summer slide.
TOMS Advertentie
Sunshine, is that you? ☀️
With this selection you will be ready for it.
TOMS Advertentie
Pride inspired, progress-minded
TOMS supports the LGBTQ+ community year-round, like Brave Trails.
TOMS Advertentie
The Unity Collection
Take Pride, give always. A collection in celebration of the LGBTQ+ community.
TOMS Advertentie
Reach for new heights - and platforms.
Rise above the noise with the Valencia.
TOMS Advertentie
Consider us your platform.
Rise above the noise with the Cassiah.
TOMS Advertentie
Introducing Eco Dye
Eco dye is the latest addition to our earth-friendly collection, earthwise™.
TOMS Advertentie
We make shoes for moving forward, and these were our very first.
TOMS Advertentie
Shoes for moving forward
Today, we give 1/3 of our profits in support of grassroots good.
TOMS Advertentie
Proud to be a B Corp
In 2020 our recertified score was 121.5, improving by more than 25% over the past two years.
TOMS Advertentie
CloudBound™ Classics
Feet in the clouds, impact on the ground. Introducing our timeless Classics. ☁️
TOMS Advertentie
The Woven Alpargata
Ideal for a curated closet, each with a positive impact woven in.
TOMS Advertentie
Choose your must-have Alpargata icon for spring...
  • Black Alp
  • Grey Leo Alp
  • Beige Leo Alp
  • Paprika Alp
TOMS Advertentie
New season. New TOMS.
For this transitional season, discover our new styles.