5 pieces of clothing for the girl who's always cold

It’s January. Two of the biggest problems in this bleak month are 1: everyone is broke from spending too much during the Christmas period and are waiting for their loan to drop, and n 2: it’s freezing - so leaving your bed in the morning got 1 bajillion times harder. Enter ASOS, our knight in shining thermals. Not only have they gone and given us 20% off everything until tomorrow at 8am, but they’ve got some amazing clothes that’ll help us brave this cold weather.

The jumper is essential

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Where would you be without your fave trusty jumper over the winter months? This one is perfect because it’s not another black jumper so you can break up your winter wardrobe with a bit of colour. The relaxed fit also makes it perfect to wear your thermals underneath.

A Coat, of course

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We know you never leave the house without a coat, and what a coat this is! Not only is it padded, which means all the extra warmth, but the fur collar acts as a second scarf for all the snuggliness.

The oversized hoodie

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Nothing makes you feel warmer than whacking on a massive hoodie. It’s oversized so plenty of room for extra layers underneath and a kangaroo pouch, perfect for warming your cold fingers.

The scarf = no chills

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An essential item in the layering is the scarf. This scarf is simple enough to be thrown on top of any outfit and its super-soft feel will leave you feeling less annoyed in the cold.

That hat

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As any perpetually cold girl will know, heat escapes through the head so get yourself a decent hat. This one has a pom pom on it too so you’ll be looking extra cute, even if you don’t feel it.

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