4 must have items for your minimalist wardrobe

If you’re the kind of guy that struggles with putting an outfit together or making decisions first thing in the morning then the minimalist wardrobe might be for you! The idea is simple: stick to classic, easy to wear items that work together, reducing the need to think about your outfits. This trend is ideal for those looking to reduce time and money spent on their clothes on a day to day basis. To get you going, I’ve picked out four key pieces to help get your new wardrobe started.

1. The crew neck tee

It probably goes without saying but a crew neck t-shirt can form the base of almost any outfit. Simply paired with jeans or trousers for both casual and evenings vibes. Throw on a print shirt for the beach look or flannel option for perfect grunge style. Opt for plain t-shirts in white, black, grey and navy like these Topman numbers to get you started.

2. The denim jacket

The denim jacket is an ideal starting place when looking for versatile outerwear. It’s a jacket that’s light enough to get you through the spring, summer transition but can easily be layered when the colder months roll around. By going for a classic blue denim from ASOS, you can easily pair this with any item in your wardrobe.

3. The black skinny jeans

Now I’m sure you don’t need telling about skinny jeans but just in case you weren’t aware, these are a staple in any guys wardrobe. Black skinny jeans are the key item to take you from day wear, to night out and just about anywhere else. Already have a pair of regular black skinny jeans? Add some ripped knees details like these classic New Look jeans.

4. The clean white trainers

Finishing up an outfit can be tricky. Opting for a clean, white trainer makes decisions simple and fits effortlessly into any look. The trick with minimalist white trainers is to keep them in good condition, replacing the laces when required and opting for good quality suede or leather whenever possible. From high end to budget options such as this Topman pair, give this staple a place in your wardrobe.

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