4 ways to bring back the 80’s to your personal style

Every decade, trends from the years before cycle back around. Over the past year we’ve seen what some believed would never happen, with the 90’s truly taking over. We’re now beginning to see nods towards the 80’s as these decades blur the lines of modern fashion.

If you’re coming over all club tropicana but need some help adding the 80’s into your personal style, then these four tips are for you!

1. Hair

When it comes to haircuts, styles such as the flat top, mullet and longer cuts are all places to start. Think mid-length hair with broken up sections, cut into fringes, texture and curls. The irony of these styles is the more it looks like you haven’t thought about it, the better.

2. Print shirts

Short sleeve print shirts are synonymous with the 80’s and the more flamboyant the better. I’m particularly feeling anything floral or leaf related with a cuban collar for the ultimate laid-back 80’s vibes. Pair your shirt with straight fitting tracksuit bottoms for the perfect take on 80’s smart casual.

3. Mix up your denim

If you’re all about the dark skinny jeans it’s time to try something new. Swap out your tight, black denim for something a little lighter in colour and looser round the ankle. To add a bit of classic 80’s punk to your wardrobe, go for heavily distressed with ripped hems in an acid or bleach wash. Looking for something a little more suave, the classic dad jean is the one for you.

4. Add some sportswear

The 1980’s was pretty much when leisurewear became mainstream. There were two ways of wearing it back then, either full on sportswear in the form of shell suits or something a little more sports casual by mixing track jackets with denim and even tailoring. Opting for a modern-day Wham vibe? A heavily branded, neon sweatshirt is the perfect way to throw a little 80’s on top of any outfit.

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