Why Serena wearing a tutu at the US Open is important AF

With the US Open in full swing you may have noticed that Serena Williams has been hitting the headlines with her amazing outfit choices but there is more to it than it looks at first.

Criticism for her ‘Wakanda-inspired-catsuit’

French Tennis Federation President Bernard Giudicelli commented on her choice of clothing at Roland Garros earlier this year. He commented that “It will no longer be accepted. One must respect the game and place.”

Serena wore the catsuit, which she describes as being inspired by the film Black Panther, in order to prevent blood clots after a near-fatal incident after her pregnancy.

Take a look at the awesome catsuit here:

The comment sparked lots of debate

Including women’s tennis legend Billie Jean King who spoke out about how society needs to stop shaming women for their appearance.

Some other reactions:

The Tutu

Straight off the back of the catsuit comments, the US Open started and Serena hit the court wearing an amazing tutu designed by Virgil Abloh with Nike.

Although Serena commented that the tutu was designed way before Giudicelli’s comments, the whole world could not help seeing the perfect timing of her outfit choice.

Serena striding out proudly on court in her unique outfit choice only goes to prove that regardless of what people say about her outfit, her game and her career she will never let anyone stop her from doing what she wants to do. Oh, and by the way she’s totally destroying her opponents in said tutu.

Here are some of our favourite reactions

Consciously or not, Serena has made a statement to the world about how her body cannot be policed. What do you think about her tutu?

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