Style inspiration for the lazy guy

1. I don’t care (but really, I do)

Boys, the jig is up. Everyone knows we care about how we look, despite our best efforts to appear like we don’t. Think boy next door meets lazy student. Easy to achieve without having to break the bank - winner! Get inspired by David Beckham - the man can do no wrong. Key pieces include check shirts, Harrington jackets, plain crew neck t-shirts like this Pull & Bear one and skinny (not skin tight) jeans. ‌

2. Seriously, I don't care

Okay, okay, I hear you. Fashion isn’t your thing and you would rather be seen dead than be seen flipping through the latest copy of GQ. If your goal is to be as comfy as possible with little to no effort, stylish sweats are the way to go. Get inspired by Kanye West. This guy makes everything look cool - follow suit fellas. Key pieces include sweatshirts, crew and v-neck t-shirts, skinny joggers and trainers. ‌

3. I look like I don't care - but I do.

This look needs no words because it hangs off a breed of guys who are way too cool for school. They originate from art, music and DT classes and were the guys you never really noticed, until now! Yes boys, these fellas are top of the class when it comes to scoring style points. Get inspired by Pelayo Diaz. This fashion blogger seriously knows how to dress! Key pieces for this look include over-sized tees, tapered trousers, bomber and leather jackets. Plus add some accessories like fedora hats. ‌

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