Nudes nudes nudes - no not the kind you're thinking about

The nude colour trend is slaying all over the place. From trainer colourways to heel colours, from men's and women's apparel, to nail colours and beauty concepts aaand even cake decorations (no guys, we’re not exaggerating)!

The world is seriously going nude mad.

I mean can we blame the people who love to rock nude styles? It looks pretty damn sophisticated and it goes with…well, pretty much anything.

Here are some of our funky fresh footwear pieces for the nude trend that seem to be taking over this summer…

We’ve done one even better and found some fabulous fits to go with your favourite pair of nude kicks or heels…

Now, as well as funky footwear and fab fits we’ve found just how far you guys are willing to go to keep the nude trend alive. Just when we thought you’d had enough we went and found some nail inspo and beauty concepts that all include all the nude slayage you’ll ever need.

Oh, you thought we were done? Nope!

CAKE! Yes, cake decorators have decided to take a turn for the nude. Cake decorators must’ve heard about the bandwagon and have decided to jump on. But it looks so trendy and delicious, almost too good to eat…

Yum, maybe we’ll have just a slither.

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