New season new hair

What better time to give your look a revamp than right now? A new season obviously calls for a new hair style and whether you fancy changing the colour, the cut or the style, I’ve got all the most gorgeous photos of all the hottest hair trends. Balayage is to 2015 as ombre was to 2014. Both styles are very similar but basically balayage is more subtle and often done freehand by hairdressers and it’s more of a grown-out look than ombre is. It’s mostly done with brown hair and added golden highlights for a sun-kissed look that will carry you through the colder months. Article-size_hairstyles_1 We’ve had the bob, we’ve had the pob (posh bob) and now we have the lob (the long bob). This blunt shoulder-length cut makes hair look healthy and works best with a gentle wave. Article-size_hairstyles_4 My personal favourite and one that I’m considering doing myself - it’s time to go grey. Generations of women have fought against grey hair and now we are a new breed of women who are embracing it. More than embracing it actually; we’re deliberately dying our hair that colour! Whether you want a bright platinum blonde-grey, an ashy grey-brown, a grown-out ombre style or a grey with a slight lilac tint, the possibilities are endless. Article-size_hairstyles_3 If it’s a new cut that you’re after then the full fringe is back. Well I guess it never really went anywhere, with the likes of Alexa Chung and Zooey Deschanel keeping it forever in style. But this time, the ultimate must-have is a longer fringe, below your eyebrows with a slight side-sweep. Article-size_hairstyles_2 All images sourced from

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