Nail trends to try this summer

Whether you’re a serial acrylic wearer or prefer an at home mani, making the most of your nails is more important in the summertime when they’re on show than any other time of year. Here are the nail trends you need to know about if you want yours to look their best.


You might have thought metallics were reserved for the festive season but they’re the showstopper this summer. From dark, iridescent shades to bright ones full of sparkle, if you want to make a statement with your nails, this is how to do it.

Rainbow nails

This first came about a few years ago when painting your 3rd figure a different colour or covering it in glitter was all the rage. This summer that trend Is being taken even further though and if you want to be a part of it, you better have a different polish on hand for each of your nails.


The half-moon is another style that you’ll need various polishes for and you might want to call in the professionals to achieve the perfect semi-circle needed for this one too. Opt for two similar shades that complement each other or go all out and colour clash them if you’re feeling brave.

Natural tones

Minimalism is really having a moment right now and nails are no exception. That means incorporating some nudes, greys, whites or even clear polishes into your collection. You can always add nail art if this trend is a little paired back for your liking.

Short and square

Speaking of paired back, you’ll need to ditch the long, pointed style of nails that have been so popular for the last couple of years if you want to be on trend this summer. Go for a shorter, more square shape and let the polish itself do the talking.

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