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University goes by for many, in a flourish of snakebite pints, naps and last minute essays. Uni years are undoubtedly the best years of your life - everyone will tell you this whilst you’re at uni, and you’ll laugh them off thinking about those two hour lectures without air con, but as soon as you start working full time, trust me - you’ll be reminiscing about those good ol’ days where you could drink 5 tequilas in a row without sobbing uncontrollably. In order to get to your lectures on time you’ll be zipping around campus like there’s no tomorrow, so you need to make sure your wardrobe is full of quick and comfortable clothing you can chuck on at a moment’s notice and run. This starts from the feet up! Here’s my pick of the top 5 shoes that tick both the stylish and comfortable boxes!


If you have eyes, which I’m assuming you do, you’ve seen a pair of Supergas recently. These cool trainers are so trendy this season I wouldn’t be surprised if most people reading this already owned a pair! Ladies, these leopard ones are super cute and lads - there’s plenty of cool manly colours to choose from! Cloggs-article-1

Vans Slip-Ons

If you don’t own a pair of Vans slip-ons then you won’t know the dream that is wearing, effectively, cool looking slippers all day. They’re cushioned, have the thick famous rubber waffle sole and come in a variety of colours and patterns. Stick to black for versatile, white leather for trendy and these Mickey Mouse ones for a fun and nostalgic throwback. Cloggs-article-2

K-Swiss Trainers

There’s no doubt about it - K-Swiss is cool. The striped trainers have such a sleek and slick finish that they make you look pretty smart no matter what you wear them with. You can get them in a range of neutral colours like navy and grey so you know they’ll work well with jeans. Cloggs-article-3


Sliders are a trend that seems to have taken over the fashion world this year, and I reckon they’re here to stay. They're perfect for warmer weather or holiday wardrobes - and our selection of Slydes sliders at CLOGGS start from just £11.99 which is probably the best price you’ll find on the high street this season. Cloggs-article-4


You might think that Converse are fairly generic, and I’m bowing out of my top 5 with a safe choice - but you couldn’t be more wrong. Not only are Converse probably the most versatile footwear out there - but they are effortlessly cool. We all know there are high tops and your standard Converse varieties, but they also come in a range of crazy colours and styles. I think you can’t beat the classic optical white. Cloggs-article-5 You can find all of these shoes in our Back to University section, which you’ll be transported to when you click hereRemember that students get a 20% discount with CLOGGS for a limited time ONLY, so make sure to take advantage of that when you’re treating yourself to some of these essential uni shoes!

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