Boohoo does British summer

In the UK it’s not uncommon to have a full day of rain and wind during the peak of ‘summer’, meaning we’re all left having a wardrobe meltdown… “Should I wear a coat? Is it too cold for shorts?” are day to day struggles! But, hold your horses, Boohoo are absolutely rocking it when it comes to summer pieces, they have a fab range of clothes, shoes and accessories which are ideal for those days which start out sunny and end with a blizzard! What’s even better is that you can get 10% off Boohoo using UNiDAYS®. I’m guessing your day just got a whole lot better! blog_size_Boohoo_SummerBuysIntoNextSeason2

1. The Wrap

This monochrome blouse is perfect for the British summer, as it has that little bit of length on the back and on the arms arms, yet is still super floaty and loose for those muggier days. The colour combo just does it for me; white = the ultimate fresh summer tone, and black = matches with everything. Perfecto!

2. The Staple Black Jeans

I don’t know about you but black jeans are an absolute must in my wardrobe. I wear them everywhere, and I mean everywhere. These black Disco Jeans are great for summer in Britain, as they aren’t your typical denim material, but instead they’re soft and comfortable. 

3. The Denim Dress

I’ve always loved denim, whether it’s jeans, skirts, jackets or even dungarees, but this year denim has really took off! This strappy denim dress is exactly the type of thing that goes straight in the basket when I’m shopping – it’s so girly yet edgy at the same time, especially because of the quirky acid wash. Another thing which drew me to this dress is the perfectly placed pockets, who needs a bag when you have one pocket for your phone and one pocket for your money? Boohoo, you’ve outdone yourselves.

4. The Day Bag

For me, this double zip bag is dreamy. When I’m on the hunt for a new bag (which does take place monthly) I look for two things: structure and style. I think that a handbag makes any outfit look complete, it brings everything together (and, if you’re struggling for outfit inspo you can always wear the same colour jewellery as the hardware on the bag – effortless fabulousness!) For summer I love handbags in lighter shades, which is why this caught my eye instantly.

5. The Gladiator Sandal

Now, I’m all about that flat shoe life and when it comes to sandals I’m a right sucker; so far this year I must have purchased 10 pairs of new sandals. But, one style of sandal that I have been lovin’ are these strappy lace up sandals. I particularly love these Boohoo ones because they have a little bit of gold hardware around the heel which I think makes them look very expensive. They also come in a gorgeous tan colour, so take your pick! I’m super impressed with the range on Boohoo, as there is something for everybody! These are just my picks, so why not pop onto their website now and make your own list. Go on, one more outfit can’t harm can it?

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