Accessorize Freshers survival kit

Now, when I say survival kit I’m not talking about water and a first aid kit, (although, that would probably come in handy too!) I’m talking about your night out must-haves. There are a couple of bits and bobs that I think are absolute essentials to ensure that you a) have a fab night out, and b) have a safe night out. And, what’s even better is that you can get 10% off of all these products using your UNiDAYS® discount! So firstly, I think that a nifty little pair of roll up ballerina shoes are essential. Lemme’ tell you why: walking back to your halls in a pair of heels after one too many shots probably isn’t the best idea (unless you want to start uni on crutches that is). We’ve all heard horror stories of people falling off of pavements and tripping up whilst wearing heels, so get yourself ahead of the game and pick up a pair of these shoes! They’re so practical as they’re rollable so they fit into any bag like a dream- all you need to do is the swapping over. Article-size_accessorise_2 Next up is the all important clutch bag - it’s something that everyone needs! One thing that tends to worry a lot of people is losing their stuff on a night out, so I think it’s worthwhile to invest in a bag with a little bit more protection. When I came across this embellished clutch from Accessorize I fell in love; it’s absolutely gorgeous and it has a load of features which make it super safe. Personally, I think that zips give you that little bit more protection and also, this bag has a cross body strap which you can use to keep your bag close to you. Amazingly practical or what? Article-size_accessorise_1 Sticking to the theme of keeping your things safe, I think it’s a good idea to ditch your day-to-day purse and get a lil’ coin purse. This way, you only take out exactly what you need! Also, it means that in the morning, you will have to switch back to your old purse, so you can check that everything is still intact early, and then if you need to, you can make any phone calls before it’s too late! Article-size_accessorise_4 Finally, with this last product I am thinking more of ‘the morning after the night before’. Your eyes probably won’t be feeling too fresh (puff-central alert) so why not wake yourself up using these cooling cucumber eye pads? All that you’ll need to do is pop them in the fridge the night before, and then come the morning they will be your new best friend, literally! This product is the ultimate pick-me-up, as it will leave your eye area feeling totally refreshed and rejuvenated (sound good, huh?). Go on, pick a packet up - I know you’re dying too. Article-size_accessorise_3

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