5 ways to bust boredom

Being a student can 100% be the most fun time ever, you're away from your parents, you can do pretty much whatever you like (give or take attending your lectures on time) and it's probably the most freedom you've ever had. But, with all this freedom, occasionally comes a little boredom. Taking a little inspiration from Alice Levine's Bore Off on Radio 1's Sunday show - just because you're bored, doesn't mean you're a boring person. Here are five things that you can do to bust a little boredom!

1. Get outside

If you're stuck inside studying or revising, chances are you probably will be bored if you're not 100% into your subject matter. Take a break, go for a walk, grab yourself a coffee and then come back to it. This counts even if you're not studying, take some time to yourself and go for a walk even if you're chilling at home instead of scrolling endlessly through Instagram.

2. Change your routine

Dread certain days because it means you have to do certain things? Perhaps Saturday mornings suck because you have to clean the flat and do your laundry? Try splitting up the chores and doing half on a Thursday evening and half on a Friday evening instead of watching re-runs of TOWIE and Kendra On Top. Now you've got your Saturday completely free to do something different with!

3. Mix it up

Do you always go on the treadmill, then the cross-trainer and then do 100 sit-ups at the gym? Bored? I would be too! Try something different like a yoga or a Body Pump class!

4. Study-bored?

Ok, you will definitely have to spend some time studying and this might *sometimes* be a little boring if you're stuck Harvard referencing or something equally thrilling. Make library time a little more exciting with your favourite playlist and some fancy new stationery! ‌

5. Pair Up

Loads of dull days can be made better with a buddy! House-work gets done quicker, you can learn in a more fun way by testing each other and then coffee afterwards is always better with your bestie.

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