3 fabulous back to school outfits

Making the jump from GCSEs to A-Levels is pretty big; it means new people, a new workload, and for those fashionistas out there - a different outfit everyday. Oh the stress of it all! I love putting an outfit, so I have scouted the internet for some college and sixth form outfit ideas, and what’s even better is that everything shown can be purchased at a discount using the UNiDAYS® discounts! So what are you waiting for? Get your back to school shop on!

The every day go to look

For most of us, everyday is a “keepin' it simple” kinda day, so, we have teamed together the ultimate simple but stylish outfit. We all love a bit of monochrome, so what better than a pair of black skinnies, a super trendy yet casual asymmetric tee and a pair of Birkenstocks? We’re talking serious comfort (which is an essential in a not so comfy classroom!). Of course, a bag is pretty important too, so when we spotted the black backpack on the Urban Outfitters website we were sold. It’s the perfect size, colour, shape...need I say more? Outfit-1-article

The Colourful Combo

We all have the occasional day or two where we are in the mood to go all out - maybe you’re going out after school or just want to show off your fave garms! In the UNiDAYS office we’re all partial to a 70s style denim skirt - we think that they’re dead trendy although still really practical. And, what’s even better is that they’re super easy to style; team them up with a bright cami style top, a pair of jazzy sandals and a statement ring and you’re ready to go! Outfit-2-article

Cold Weather Comfort

Summer is coming to an end and AW15 is fast approaching, so it’s a good idea to consider getting some warmer pieces to keep you toasty during the colder months. I thought this outfit was gorgeous; I absolutely adore the colour of the jumper, as it’s still quite summery and feminine. Also, leather Converse are an absolute must, as you don’t have to worry about getting them muddy or dirty as all you need to do is give them a quick wipe down and they look good as new. Finish the jumper and trainers with a pair of dark denim jeans and a big grey scarf and you’re autumn/winter ready. Outfit-3-article

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