15 Barcelona travel hacks

As one of Europe's most adored cities, Barcelona is one of those places that’s on almost every wanderluster’s list. It’s also the kind of place that, no matter how many times you’ve been, possesses a special allure that will just keep drawing you back again and again.

Make the most of your time in this incredible city with these handy Barcelona hacks.

1. Get With Siesta Time

Siesta time is not a myth and in Barcelona, it’s alive and kicking. Or alive and sleeping, as is probably more apt. So get with the locals and be sure you take a well-earned rest after lunch.

2. Make Lunch The Main Event

Speaking of lunch, the culture in Barcelona is to plan your day around the best part of the day, menu del dia. A minimum of a 3-course meal at a snip of the price you will pay on an evening.

3. Fill Up On Pintxos

If you’re still feeling peckish, or heck even if not, don’t miss out of the delights of pintxos. A local twist on tapas, all manner of tasty morsels are fixed by a stick to a piece of bread.

4. Water Fountains Galore

Single-use plastic waste be gone! Take a refillable bottle and use the nifty water fountain app in Barça to locate all the public water fountains. The tap water is perfectly fine to drink.

5. Enjoy the BYOB Squares

If you’re a fan of a bargain, you’ll love this alternative nightlife option. Pick from an abundance of pretty squares and bring your own booze to experience the best of Barça’s outside living culture.

6. Buy The Litre

A litre of wine keeps the doctor away...that’s how the saying goes, right?! Maybe not quite. Well even if your liver won’t thank you for it, your wallet will. Wine by the litre is cheap cheap.

7. Happy Hour Wins

On another budget saving note, make the most of the happy hours in Barcelona. You’ll find lots of pre-dinner offers on drinks dotted all around the city. Aperol Spritz or Mojito?

8. Bring Comfy Shoes

It can be easy to be tricked into thinking Barcelona is huge because of the sheer amount of things to do. But not so, and the best way to get between A and B is often on foot.

9. T-10 is The Way

If you are planning on venturing further afield, grab yourself and T-10 ticket and hop on the metro. Many don’t realise you can also use it on the airport train to save a few bob too.

10. Avoid Las Ramblas

Whilst it may tempting base yourself as close to the action as possible, there are so many better places to stay in Barcelona. Try looking in the El Born or Gracia neighbourhoods instead.

11. Shoulder Season Visit

With popularity comes tourists. And with tourists comes high prices. So if you have flexibility on when you travel, do yourself a favour and visit the city before June or after September.

12. Stay Safe

On a practical note, opportunistic thieves are around in Barça so don’t be careless with your things. Keep your hands in your pockets and your bag at your front in busy places peeps.

13. Parc Güell For Free

Probably one of the best Barcelona travel hacks we know. Head over to Parc Güell before or after the official times and bag yourself not only a free entry but also views without crowds.

14. Alternative Beaches

One of the biggest draws to Barcelona is that it’s a city break with a beach. But don’t think the main strip of Barceloneta is the only one. Avoid the masses and head to Marbella beach.

15. The Best View

We double dare you to go here and challenge us that El Carmel Bunkers doesn’t have the best view in Barcelona. Especially at sunset. Take up a few beers and drink it all in.

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