10 killer results day gifts

We have no doubt that you will all absolutely smash your exam results, and what better way to celebrate your success than with some gifts? I've searched high and low and have narrowed my picks down to 10, so get your wish list out and start choosing. After all, you deserve it!

1. A laptop

A laptop is the perfect results day gift for everyone; it will be a massive help wherever you’re going next, be it back to school, college, sixth form, university or even into working life. And hey, we’ve only gone and got you up to 15% off Apple, up to 35% off HP and up to 20% off Curry’s PC World. You can thank us later!

2. Homeware accessories

Now, if you’re uprooting to a new area for uni, I thought that an ideal gift would be some homeware accessories. You could ask for some nice bedding, some kitchen utensils or maybe just some decorative piece, whatever takes your fancy. 

3. Jewellery

Jewellery is another fab results day gift as it is so sentimental yet so stylish! You could get something to remind you of results day or, you could ask for something you’ve had your eye on for a while! Everyone has their own taste when it comes to jewellery, so whether you’re into your gold, your rose gold or your silver, it’s up to you. Our girl Allie loves statement rings - these were her picks from Rock N Rose.

4. Make-up

So I’m sure all us girls would love a drawer full of the most designer make-up, however designer make-up = designer prices! But, because it’s results day and you’ve obviously smashed it, why not ask for one or two of your most dreamy make-up products? It’ll make you feel like a million dollars, and what better day to feel like a million dollars! 

5. Shoes

Whether you’re in school, college or uni you’re bound to be going to some kind of party or event, it could be an ‘end of school’ type gathering or the big one, the graduation! It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, you can never have too many pairs of shoes, so one more pair for a glam occasion won’t hurt will it? Of course not, so get browsing online now! Life’s too short for ugly shoes and these Public Desire babies are smokin'! Plus they have a boosted 15% off right now. 

6. Fragrance

A traditional gift that most people have on their Birthday and Christmas lists is a good old bottle of perfume or aftershave, so you could consider it for a little results day gift! The good thing about perfumes and aftershave is that they range in prices from high street to high end, so no matter what the budget, there will be something just right for you. Check out The Fragrance Shop for some 10% off too!

7. A Day Trip

I’m sure that everyone has a bucket list of places they’d like to visit, so I thought a great time to tick one of those places off the list is results day in the form of a gift! You could have a visit to the coast, into the countryside or into the city- if you’ve always wanted to see the sights of London or Brighton, why not go to celebrate your exam results?

8. Food

For the majority of the year most of us try to eat healthily to get that dream summer bod, but if you can’t have a cheat day on results day then, when can you? We all love a good cheat day in the office, hence our Cake Thursdays. Indulge yourself in whatever the hell you want! You could ask for a selection of your favourite sweet treats or ask for a celebratory giant cupcake. Yuuuuum. Or head out to Chiquito for a seriously Mexican cheat!

9. Stationery hamper

If you’re anything like us here in the UNiDAYS® office (self confessed stationery addicts!) a stationery hamper is basically heaven. Like the laptop gift idea, a stationary hamper would be great to use for further education or work and will save you a lot money too! And you’ll look super sassy with all the best stationery around. Check out Ryman or Paperchase for some seriously adorable gifts.

10. ghd goodies

Now's the perfect time to grab those new straighteners or hairdryer before you head off to uni. Head to ghd to get them for so much less!

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