5 ways to give yourself a break

Stress. It affects every single one of us, but we all react very differently to it. whether it is a small thing or a big thing it can be hard to figure out how to deal with it. Stress can be caused by anything from relationships to work to exams, which many of us are preparing for at this time of year. Even the smallest thing that may seem like nothing to anyone else, may really affect you and cause you to feel very anxious and uptight. Here are five ways to help you de-stress and take a break!

1. Exercise

I'm not saying you should go and do a hardcore workout, just something that will help you take your mind off uni work. Maybe you could go for a light jog? Preferably outside as the fresh air and sunshine will really help to clear your head and uplift your mood. There’s a reason they say “go for a walk and clear your head.” If you can’t go out, you could do some yoga, whatever gets your heart rate going and takes your mind off your worries.

2. Pamper routine

Every once in a while it is important to have a bit of ‘me time’. What I like to do is run a warm bath, light a few candles and treat my skin. This can be taking out that extra time to care for your body and unwind! Apply a hair or face mask and listen to some music, watch your favourite tv show or read a book.

3. Organise

As the saying goes “tidy room, tidy mind”. I'm not saying you should go out of your way to make sure every inch of your room is spotless. Do the little things that can really improve your mindset for the day. Make your bed in the morning and keep your belongings organised.

Also, if my mind is feeling overwhelmed I find that writing down everything that I am trying to store in my mind takes a load off my shoulders. I like to make lists to feel as though I am more organised and I can see what I need to do.

4. Breathing

This is the most simple tip, yet the most effective. Whenever you are feeling stressed it is likely that you could be breathing in a shallow way. This can make matters worse. Wherever you are, take a couple of minutes out, sit down, put your hands on your belly, close your eyes and just concentrate on deep breathing. This is a really effective way to calm yourself down.

5. Sleep

If you’re not getting enough sleep, it can lead to you feeling stressed and anxious. Sleep is the main things that can help you to feel recharged. What I like to do to make sure I get the best night's sleep is to make a calming tea, such as a chamomile tea. Make sure you spend at least 20 minutes before you go to bed away from anything that can stimulate your mind such as your phone. Take this time to really unwind, drink your tea, read a book and get ready for bed.

Words: Niya Ampatt

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