The ultimate Freshers packing checklist

Packing all your stuff up and leaving home for uni is pretty daunting. What do you take? What can you leave? It's all a bit of a crazy mess and we know this first hand! So, to give you guys a hand we've whipped up a couple of checklists to help you not completely lose your head whilst getting ready for uni.

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Obviously you will need pots and pans, mugs, plates, cutlery, the works! Check out the full checklist below for everything you need but srsly do not forget your cheese grater. Buying grated cheese is the fastest way to completely blow your loan money on literally laziness.

Grab yourself a distinctive mug that you know is yours and it doesn't hurt to also take 3-4 spare and plain mugs for when you have mates over! We love this Death Before Decaf mug from Ohh Deer. A good quality chopping board is also kinda essential, we're into this Joseph Joseph worktop saver!

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These are the things that you will be so glad you took! There's everything to make you comfy and feel at home like your dressing gown and some cushions and throws for your bed - you need these for sure. But, you'll also need practical stuff such as an extension cable (you will not believe how randomly halls place plug sockets), storage boxes and a washing basket.

Stuff like cookbooks, this #Recipe Shorts is perfect for first time cooks and those with teeny tiny attention spans, are great for ice-breakers too!


These are by no way essential for your day to day life but trust me, you'll be glad that you took them. These are all things that are either ice-breakers, cute things to offer around, essentials that someone will have definitely forgotten and just general bits and bobs to help you fit in. For example, propping your door open with a doorstop is a great way to make yourself seem more approachable! If someone hears their fave song as they walk past or notice you're watching a great movie, boom! Instant friendship. That's when you get your multipack of biscuits out and it's pals for life.

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