Student make-up bag essentials

I'm going to share with you my top 5 make up products every girl needs in their makeup bag. I always think it's super helpful to know tips and tricks and I can vouch for these 5 products as they are amazing! I feel it's really important to have a makeup bag full of products for on the go as you never know when you might get an annoying spot pop up or be attacked by the rain!

1. Eyeshadow palette

My favourite eyeshadow palette is the new Naked Smoky Palette as you can produce so many amazing looks from this, including night time smoky eye to a casual day look. ‌ makeup-article-1

 2. Mascara

Okay, confession time. My favourite makeup product is mascara, the reason for this is you can make your lashes look amazing simply with a few coats! My favourite one currently is Roller Lash from Benefit. I love this firstly due to the gorgeous packaging and secondly its just a great product, the brush is amazing and easy to use even on the go, the product lasts all day and it has a lot of uses within. I love to purchase more expensive mascaras as I personally feel they last longer! ‌


3. Lipstick

My favourite lipsticks come from Topshop, who have an amazing makeup collection including nail varnish, foundation, you name it. I am totally sold with their lipsticks as they are long lasting, come in so many colours different finishes such as matte and silk. I am addicted to the shade Watermelon as it's bright and perfect for summer. I do tend to mix up my lipsticks and add a variety of different colours to my makeup bag! If you are yet to try any of their beauty range you are seriously missing out. ‌ makeup-article-3

4. Eyeliner

Eyeliner is key in my eyes to complete any look and in my experience eyeliner tends to come off quicker than any other product especially when it's on the waterline. I love to create quite a dark eye so I am forever redoing my eyeliner, as this is the case I tend to go for a more on budget liner. My favourite is from Maybelline and it's just a simple black kohl, I feel you can create a darker eye with pencil liners as opposed to pen or liquid. ‌

5. Concealer

A long time favourite for my concealer and one of the only ones I've ever actually fallen in love with. It's the Rimmel Wake Me Up one, and I love the whole of their range and they've recently released a mascara which is well worth checking out as well. I love this concealer as it's long lasting and actually does this job and gives you a glow to your skin, it's perfect for covering up those dark under eyes throughout the day. ‌

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