Meals you can make for less than £5

Heading back to uni soon, but got way too accustomed to delicious meals during lockdown at your family home? Yeah, you’re not alone. Sub-par meals will no longer do but your student budget needs to stretch farther. Here’s 5 meals you can make for under £5.

1. Baked chicken enchiladas

Ah yes, one of life’s great pleasures and one of the cheapest meals you could possibly make- enchiladas. Insta chef Charlotte Louise breaks down how she made this tasty dish for just £4.38.

2. Lentil Bolognese Recipe (Vegan + Gluten Free)

It’s always great to have a cheap recipe that is suitable for everyone's dietary requirement in the bag. This vegan and gluten free meal is great for when you have people over or if you just want to enjoy for yourself!

3. Turkey stir-fry

Stir-frys are a staple of student living because they’re both cheap and tasty. This turkey recipe is a nice twist on the classic recipe. It’s even cheaper if you decide to go meatless too!

4. Stuffed sweet potato

It’s not just dinner that you can have a delicious meal. These stuffed sweet potatoes are great for breakfast or lunch- they’ll certainly keep you full throughout the day. This recipe can also be modified depending on what you have lying around in your kitchen.

5. Just order a takeaway

If you’ve given up with trying to cook why not order in? You might be thinking, ‘but isn’t that going to be expensive?’ Remember, we have some GREAT deals on food. You can get £15 off your first Uber Eats order and 10% off at HelloFresh.

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