Are these foods actually super?

From Jamie Oliver to your local supermarket and every Instagram chef in between all we're hearing about recently is superfoods. Are they really a thing? Do you really need to eat them? We've done some digging and some serious research to check out what could really make a food super! First of all, a 'superfood' isn't actually a thing. There's nothing that defines how super a food is, it's simply a marketing term for a food that has really great health benefits. But 'really-great-health-benefit-foods' doesn't really sound as nice as superfood. So superfood may not really be a thing but these foods that are awesome for you are real.

Chia seeds

We've looked into chia seeds before but they're one of my favourite things to add to porridge, they just give a really nice texture but they're also rammed with nutritional A grades such as omega-3, fatty acids, fibre and calcium as well as protein. Fact of the day: 'chia' is ancient Mayan for strength. ‌


We hear a lot about these little blue things but truth be told they're packed full of nutritional value such as antioxidants, fibre, manganese, Vitamin C and Vitamin K. Your body needs antioxidants to defend your body from free radicals which come from things such as pollution and cigarette smoke. Your body also needs Vitamin K as it's needed for blood clotting to help heal wounds quickly. Gross, but true.  


I'm sure you've heard all about eating dark leafy greens but kale is the king of nutritional benefits. In around 70g of kale there's only 33 calories but it contains Vitamins A, K, C, B6 as well as manganese and calcium! Kale has 4.5 times as much as spinach. If you find kale a bit too bitter for your tastes then try cavolo nero, it's sweeter and has the same dark leafy green properties. ‌


This clever little spice is a relative of ginger and has awesome anti-inflammatory properties, aids wound healing and has antibacterial qualities. The perfect pick-me-up to add to soups and curries if you're feeling under the weather. It also supports the liver and helps to detox it, so it's great if you've had one too many pints and need to repair some damage! ‌


Avocado is a fantastic source of omega-3 fatty acids and is high in fibre which is fab for natural detoxification. But, just because these avos are healthy doesn't mean you should overeat them. A common mistake people make when dieting and trying to lose weight is eating too much of everything. Even if it's got great nutritrional benefits, it still has calories in and avocados are quite high in calories. ‌


Or rather, the seeds of these ruby-red fruits, are what you need to get your hands on. ‌
Great for adding texture to cous cous or salads, pomegranate is effective against inflammation and is a good source of fibre, Vitamin A, C and E and iron. Plus it has our favourite antioxidants too!

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