5 cheesecake recipes you have to try

Is there a better dessert than a cheesecake? Well, I’m not here to go through one of life's tougher questions. What I do know, is that I love it and I’m pretty sure a few of you guys do too. I’m here to turn even the most hardened cheesecake hater into a cheesecake lover after I dish up these 5 insane recipes you have to try!

We’re not talking your standard New York cheesecake, we’re not even talking chocolate cheesecake where you do the little swirl with a cocktail stick. No, we’re talking proper naughty, indulgent, cheesecake goodness.

1. No bake Kinder Bueno

Straight out the gates with a strong contender. I love Kinder Bueno. I don’t have them often because they’re so moreish and you can see why. The filling is also actual Kinder chocolate, perfect for hazelnut and chocolate mega fans. Check out the recipe.

An image

2. Caramel Rolo

Remember the old advert about who you’d save your last Rolo for? Well, I’m not saving a slice of this for anyone. This badboy has a mixture of vanilla biscuits (think Oreo) and the classic digestives in its base. It then has a super sweet caramel filling, topped with tasty Rolos and even more caramel on top.

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3. Jammie Dodger

This Jammie Dodger cheesecake is the perfect play on the sweet jam centre of the biscuits. The base is made using Jammie Dodgers and the filling is packed full of raspberry jam and fresh raspberries. Topped with mini Dodgers and some cream, this cheesecake looks just like a Mary Berry centrepiece.

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4. Caramac cheesecake

Hands up if you’re a Caramac fan. There’s something about Caramac, that super sweet, non-chocolate, candy type of flavour just works. This cheesecake is super simple but you can bet it’s rich and full of flavour. As well as having Caramac in the filling, this recipe also shows you how to make a Caramac drizzle and goes on to top the cheesecake with even more crushed up pieces.

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5. Reese’s Peanut Butter

Now I love Reese’s Peanut Butter cups but I’m not actually a huge fan of nuts so I’m gonna go ahead and leave the actual thing out of this recipe. Something tells me that between the Oreo crust, the chocolate chips and the smashed up mini Reese’s cups I won’t miss the peanut butter though!

An image

There we have it, 5 surprisingly easy cheesecake recipes that will seriously impress. I mean, some don’t even need to go near an oven! If you’re still with me and not in a food induced coma already, go ahead and try one, now!

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