4 reasons why Noah Centineo is our new obsession

Noah Centineo is the internet’s newest boyfriend and a lot like Drake, he really does have us in our feelings.

So to grow these feelings, here are 6 reasons telling us exactly why he’s our newest obsession:

1. He plays the cutest romantic interest EVER

Noah plays, Peter Kavinsky in, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, and they couldn’t have chosen a better actor to play this role.

An image GIF source

2. His Insta is just one big library of thirst traps

...and we LOVE it, here, why don’t you love it with us. We know you want to!

3. Centineo and Lana Condor (a.k.a Lara Jean) are the cutest together

Even though the two who we really wish were dating, are not dating they still have the most cutest relationship, on and off screen. Lana told ET Online, "I’m honoured to be on this journey with him and watch as he’s growing and blowing up. He deserves all the recognition that he’s getting and I think he’s handling it really, really well. He deserves it."

Lana’s feelings towards Noah make their friendship, that much more special and we’re here for it!

4. His old tweets can be... cringe

As seen in this video below, Noah, is quite the sentimental tweeter… we wonder who exactly it was he was tweeting about when posting these.

Hero Image

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