10 unmissable events and things to do in 2019

A bucket list that’s actually worth your time? We got in touch with DesignMyNight for a full rundown of 2019’s best events and things to do, and boy oh boy you won’t be disappointed. There’s a heap of fun things to do, from drinking with your partner in crime at a prison-themed boozer to reliving your childhood at a ball pit bar (with the addition of cocktails). Without further ado - here’s your ultimate guide to having a smashing year.

Kid around in a gigantic ball pit made especially for adults - London

If you haven’t been to Ballie Ballerson yet, shame on you. This quirky bar will see you ducking and diving through one million balls like you’re five years old again, only this time around you’ll be old enough to drink some booze. After you’ve had your fill of firing balls at your mates’ heads, make your way to the bar where you’ll have a choice of sweet-inspired cocktails boasting everything from liquid nitrogen to bags of skittles. Love brunch? Visit them on the weekend for a bottomless brunch of prosecco and pizza, alongside unlimited access to the world-famous ball pit.

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Shuffle your way to glory - London

Some things never go out of fashion, and surprisingly, shuffleboard is one of ‘em. Dating all the way back to the days of King Henry III, the game is a lot harder than it looks (trust us on this one) but you can have a go at London Shuffle Club by booking a lane for as little as £20. Once you’re done showing off with your cue and disc, take a well deserved break with a feast of pizza and cocktails. Serving slices topped with mac and cheese and boozy piña colada slushies, it’s one of the best places to hangout during the summer - especially as it’s the UK’s first ever open air shuffleboard terrace.

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Dedicate an entire weekend to brunch - London

Some love breakfast, some love lunch, but us? We love brunch. London had its first ever weekend dedicated to brunch last September and there’s plans for another showdown in 2019. Although the details haven't been released yet, you can look forward to a whole weekend of exclusive deals - we’re talking £10 and £20 deals promising bottomless cocktails, eggcellent dishes, games of bingo and lots more. Whenever it is, make sure and keep the weekend free - it’ll be more than worth it.

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Party amongst confetti and falling balloons - London

The Grand… is there anything this place can’t or doesn’t do? This happy-go-lucky spot in Clapham is one of the best places to party come the weekend, and midweek too, now that we mention it. Hosting ‘90s pop icons like S Club and Five where balloon drops and confetti cannons dominate the night, you can also look forward to sing-a-long movie nights with brilliant films like The Lion King and Bridget Jones projected on a huge 24ft screen. If you want a night to remember in 2019, The Grand’s calling your name.

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Win odd prizes (like a toilet seat) at Hip Hop Bingo - London

Forget everything you think you know about bingo - except your nan, because she’s great. Blingo is the new age of bingo, where anything and everything goes, and it’s taking place throughout 2019 at FEST Camden. Promising a wild soundtrack of hip hop favourites and crazy prizes - like diamond encrusted kitchen appliances and gold plated prizes, you’ll have to do more than crossing out a few numbers to win big at this unique night. Spoiler: you may need to take part in lip-sync battles and a very public dance off.

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Let your hair down at a Coyote Ugly-themed bar - Manchester

Deadlines are piling up and you’ve lost the will to go on? Every now and again we need a good night out to blow off some steam, and luckily for those who go to university in Manchester, we know just the place. Coyote Ugly Saloon is inspired by the ‘00s movie and it’s a proper let-your-hair-down kinda spot. They have a mouth-watering menu of BBQ food, jugs of cocktails that are perfect for sharing and you can get guestlist for free before 11pm on weekends. Next time you’re about to have a mini meltdown, you know where’s good.

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Beat the hell out of inanimate objects - Birmingham

If you’re ever in need of a little anger management due to whatever reason - being graded unfairly, your housemate has taken the last drop of communal milk etc, there’s a place called The Rage Room that might come in handy… like super handy. This weird but genius place will let you smash up random things like keyboards, TVs and home printers, and prices start at a pocket-friendly £20. Whether it’s at the start of term or the week before your final exams, this Birmingham madhouse might come in handier than you think.

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Drink behind bars with your partner in crime - London

First things first: we don’t mean actual prison bars. Alcotraz is one of London’s coolest immersive experiences and it takes inspiration from movies like Shawshank Redemption, making it a 2019 must visit. Gather your group, throw on an orange jumpsuit and enter your cell, but before you get settled in you’ll have to sneak in a bottle of booze past the guards. Up to the challenge? If you are you’ll be rewarded with bespoke cocktails from your law-breaking inmates.

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Go to a night that only plays power ballads - Cardiff

Sure, we never grow tired of hearing Justin Bieber’s sweet voice boom out smash hits like Sorry, but there’s a night dedicated to power ballads that travels the UK and we can’t recommend it enough. Ultimate Power will blast out a soundtrack of all time greats, from Michael Jackson to Meat Loaf, and although you might lose your voice by the end of the night, you’ll be awarded with a colourful confetti shower.

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Go to a festival that’s about all things beer - London

Reeling in 155 breweries, Craft Beer Rising really weren’t messing around when they took on the title of ‘UK’s biggest craft beer festival’. This beer bonanza will take place in February and apart from all the glorious beer you’ll get to try, there’s lots more to look forward to. Enter The Foxes Den and scoff savoury street food, embrace their party atmosphere, and take part in one (or all) of the many competitions that will take place across the weekend. Last year you could win your height in beer.

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For more information on the best event in London and across the UK, visit DesignMyNight and follow them on facebook and Instagram: @DesignMyNight.

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