The best #ItsComingHome memes

Football really is coming home and after England's stunning victory on Saturday, who can argue with that? The Euro '96 hit Three Lions has gone viral after England secured their place in the World Cup semi-finals and there are few places one can venture without hearing the faint whisper of its chant fluttering in the breeze. Fans far and wide and from every corner of Britain have fallen prey to the frenzied sing-song, ceremoniously taking to Twitter to share with us some truly inspired comedic genius. UNiDAYS brings you the very best...

1. Putin on the piano

2. A British icon reborn

3. A classic

4. Gareth Southgate became a national icon

This comes as waistcoat sales at Marks & Spencer have risen by 35% thanks to what they call the ‘Gareth Southgate effect’.

5. Jesse Lingard doesn’t want to come home

6. That’s the way the cookie crumbles…

7. It’s written in the stars

8. And some people clearly have way too much time on their hands…

9. While others are taking it a little too far...

10. Drake’s music reached new levels

11. Even JT got on board...

12. It’s all a conspiracy!!

13. Go on Gareth

14. The very best of Blackadder

15. Take care all

There is even a petition to grant the UK a bank holiday on Monday if England wins the world cup.

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