The 10 most cost-effective student cities in the UK

Yep, we're talking where is best to study if you want to save your cash! We surveyed over 3000 students from our member network to find out what you guys really spend your cash on. The results included spin classes, cheesy chips (obv), pizza and the old faithful large glass of house rose. We looked at everything you guys spend on that isn't the standard rent, tuition and transport to see which town was the best value for money IRL.

The cheapest town for a portion of cheesy chips is from Leeds at an amazing £1.80. This is less than half the price students would pay in Southampton which comes in at a cuh-razy £4!

So, who came out top?

Leicester was revealed as the most cost-effective place for students to live in the whole of the UK based on the new wave of student essentials that we discovered. You could get this little lot for £50.11 in total in Leicester which is, let's face it, a bit of a dream.

  1. Chicken korma and naan
  2. Cheesy chips
  3. 12” margherita pizza
  4. 3-mile Uber journey
  5. Latte
  6. Large glass of house rose
  7. Club entry (Wednesday night)
  8. Spin class
  9. Pint of lager
  10. Spray tan

Cheers to that.

Top 10 cost-effective cities in the UK

  1. Leicester - £50.11
  2. Birmingham - £50.94
  3. Lancaster - £51.15
  4. Edinburgh - £54.90
  5. Coventry - £56.84
  6. Hull - £57.20
  7. Plymouth - £58.05
  8. Swansea - £59.59
  9. Belfast - £59.85
  10. Cardiff - £60.35

For pizza-lovers, a 12-inch margarita will set you back £12 in Cambridge, compared to Newcastle’s £4.80 steal. In Edinburgh you've gotta break a note for club entry, costing £6 for a mid-week night, whereas in Derby you can walk-in free of charge and save all your money for the bar. Yes, Derby, you know what's right.

So where was the most expensive place to go to uni? London, we're looking at you - that one wasn't a shock where the total cost of these 10 items came in at £91.90! But, the second most expensive uni town in the UK is Bath at £80.65 - who'd have thunk it?

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