Easy Father's Day baking treats!

If Father's Day isn't the time to flex those baking muscles and whip up something tasty for your old man then I don't know when is! We've been busy with some Hobbycraft goodies creating some tasty lemon cupcakes and iced sugar cookies for all the dads here at UNiDAYS® HQ. (It's on the 19th in case you'd forgotten!) We call these bakes 'rustic' because they definitely aren't perfect but they sure did taste amazing. We jazzed them up with some amazing cake decorating goodies and made the cupcakes superhero themed! Only gold cupcake cases would do and then the crazy toppers finished them off. We used the Sugar & Crumbs Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar to create the amazing icing on top of these bad boys. Grab the recipe for these simple vanilla cupcakes from our Pinterest board. 1hobbycraft-fathersday 2hobbycraft-fathersday Sugar cookies are next, this is a Nigella recipe and it's super easy. They also taste amazing because it's just all butter, sugar and vanilla essence. She's just a gem, isn't she? These have been spruced up with the help of Renshaw's Ready To Roll Icing. 3hobbycraft-fathersday A top tip for this is to invest in a lot of icing sugar otherwise you'll be dealing with a lot of stuck icing on your kitchen worktops and make sure that you use the same cookie cutter for the icing as you do with the cookies and your decorations will be a perfect fit! Easy. hobbycraft-perktile

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