7 reasons Ariana Grande is our one love

This chick's had a hell of a year. Here are 7 reasons why she's one of our absolute fave human beings:

1. Her dedication to her fans

She isn’t just one of those privileged pop stars who doesn’t give her fans a second thought. She lives and breathes for them, striving for the best music and performances that she can produce, day in day out. To her fans, she represents all that they want to be; a self-assured, modern woman who doesn’t hold back from achieving her dreams.

2. Her undeniable strength

Following the devastating terrorist attack at her concert in Manchester, our girl has had to dig deep to find the courage to tackle the emotional damage and speak publicly about what happened.

To then pull together a charity concert in less than a week and bounce back to continue her tour with the all the enthusiasm she had before has amazed the world. That’s the definition of a wonder woman right there.


3. Her surprisingly compatible partner

Ariana and Mac Miller have been inseparable since September last year, but I bet you didn’t know they’ve been best buds for quite a while prior to that. People are saying they’re the cutest couple in pop right now and we can see why with their Insta couple goal pics. Mac Miller, 25, is in the music industry himself and has been Ari’s rock since the terrorist attack back in May. Having him right by her side at her One Love charity concert obviously would’ve meant everything to her.

4. Her Instagram feed

She is the 3rd most followed person on the app showing that she’s an appropriate role model for all girls growing into women. Not only does it give her an extra platform to share her head-strong views, but it gives us the chance to see how she is slaying each day with her incredible style. You go girl.

5. Her business acumen

Growing up as a child star, Ariana has learnt the ways of the music business and how to be in the limelight. These days she confidently runs her shows entirely from top to bottom. This certainly is a Dangerous Woman not to be messed with.

6. Her sexual confidence

Her single Side to Side brought around a wave of controversy. Her response to this is that women shouldn’t be afraid to express their sexuality. Ari may wear short skirts and show some flesh, but she doesn’t let it define her. In a world full of body/dress shaming, where girls are told they’re asking for it if they get their legs or boobs out on show, Ariana is a refreshing example of why women should own their sexual spirit like a boss.

7. She’s totally making scrunchies happen again

She knows that these super-soft hair accessories are better for your locks than plain old hairbands. Ari is making them her thing.

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