7 fitness trends for 2017

After the festive slump is over it's time to move your butt and try something fresh for 2017! Here are 7 trends that are going to be big this year, just saying...

1. Dance cardio

We know Zumba is already pretty huge but it's not set to take a backseat just yet thanks to the Olympics being in Brazil last year bringing Latin dancing back into people's minds! They've also recently unveiled the new STRONG by Zumba workout which is 'music-led interval training' and a lot more bodyweight-focused than the original Zumba workouts.

You can even learn to dance like Beyonce, Ciara & Ri-Ri with Seen On Screen Fitness in Manchester & London. The amazing girls here create dance routines to your fave sassy songs or even let you learn the exact dances from your favourite music videos. YES.

2. Wearable technology

With the Apple Watch, FitBits, Tom Toms and Garmins, there's no escaping the fitness watch or other items of wearable tech. They've all been upgraded, polished and re-released within an inch of their lives and they're bound to be awesome!

3. Get outdoors!

Haven't tried an obstacle course or a Tough Mudder yet? 2017 is your year!


HIIT isn't going anywhere fast! High-Intensity Interval Training, the quick workouts that you can do in as much time as you have free, made super famous by The Body Coach, are going to be massive in 2017. As well as being a great way to work out quickly with awesome results, HIIT builds your fitness and your endurance, too.

5. Flexibility and mobility

As well as the ever-growing trend of Yoga, flexibility and mobility are set to be huge. Life is not about being super strong but not being able to touch your toes. Sort it out! Grab yourself a yoga ball and some resistance bands from Myprotein with their epic 30% off, there's no excuse!

6. Group training

If you need someone to keep you accountable or love hitting the gym with your bestie then the group training trend is for you! According to Dr. Axe, it's been scientifically proven to help you work out longer as opposed to training on your own! Group training also makes it easier to hit an intimidating new class like spin or boot camp. If you've got your friends with you, it won't be as scary!

7. Wellness-related fitness

There are so many more holistic views on fitness than ever before. Exercise isn't just about burning calories, exercise is now more about your peace of mind, improving your memory, sleeping better, seeing your energy levels rise and being strong for the sake of being strong not because your muscles look awesome. (But, they do!) About 150 minutes of moderate exercise (about half an hour 5 days a week) can increase your lifespan by 3.4 years - Dr. Axe. Yoga fits into this trend super-easily too as it's been proven to improve anxiety and stress whilst practising yoga makes your 'chill-out' section in your brain work harder.

Bodyweight training and getting yourself a personal trainer are also up there with the trends that are hitting 2017's fitness scene hard, which one will you go for? Psst, did we mention that Myprotein have an amazing 30% off right now? Hurry! It won't last long!

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