6 of the best Carpool Karaoke videos

Carpool Karaoke is an uh-maze-ing segment of The Late Late Show with James Corden, and if you’re not already one of the 10 million subscribers on YouTube, you totally should be. With the hottest celebs taking part, what also makes the show so good is the fact that James Corden can actually sing. Oh and harmonise. And he’s kinda funny…

It’s just generally a great watch. Every time.

Here are some of our faves at UNiDAYS HQ:

Bruno Mars

‘SING IT JAMES!’ Cap, shades, chains. The lot.

Lady Gaga

Crazy outfit, seat dancing and impressive vocals.

J Lo

J Co and J Lo. The dream team.

Harry Styles

Harry gets a promotion to the front seat after previously going for a ride with James and One Direction. He also cries ‘in a cool way’. Okay Harry.

Michelle Obama

The (ex) first lady herself goes for a spin with James Corden around the White House and reveals she rarely gets to listen to music in the car. That’s the best part of being in a car?!


‘Hello, it’s me…’ Yep, he went there. This is definitely one of my faves as I absolutely love Adele. We find out that she actually played the drums for Hello, can rap Nicki Minaj and loves the Spice Girls.

Which one is your fave? It’s SO difficult to choose when they are always so good. Keep it up James, we’re lovin’ it!

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