3 wanderlust summer adventures

Basically, 3 summer adventures we wish we were on right now! There’s something about summer that gets adventurers’ hearts beating. There are so many fun things to do outdoors; road trips, hikes, picnics, bike rides and city adventures. As the days get longer, brighter and warmer, my wanderlust grows. But there are some people whose life seems to be one non-stop adventure. A life of constantly changing experiences that conjures up excitement, dreams of a nomadic peace-loving life and perhaps a smidgen of jealousy!

1. #Vanlife

Free-spirited nomads into their skateboards, yoga, cycling and being at one wherever they find themselves - yes please! Maybe there are some negatives to van life; but at first glance I can’t see them. Freedom, fun and getting lost in the world, sign me up! There’s something so charming about #vanlife and reducing your belongings into just those things you need to get by; whether for a month or longer. The close-quarters space seem to bring with it a bursting desire to get out and explore; skateboarding, surfing, cycling, yoga and hiking. All the things that do the body and soul good. Cruising around in a van makes the world truly feel small. Plus, old school vans look wicked! Great: Absolute freedom. Hippie vibes Bad: Low MPG, festival-style hygiene. ‌

2. Narrowboat nomads

I’m utterly in love with the lifestyle of continuous cruisers; narrow boaters who cruise week in, week out, choosing between busy cities, small villages and the middle of nowhere as they please. Where else can you be woken up by a family of hungry ducks at the break of dawn? Cruising along at 4mph has got to be one of the most relaxed ways to travel, and one of the best ways to slow the hell down. For a summer adventure, its one of the most uplifting and chilled out things to do; you’ll never has so much fun doing not that much at all! And if you miss the liveliness of the city; it’s only a short towpath-cycle away. Water + boat = big smiles. Great: Social boat parties, sunbathing on the roof. Bad: Toilets, long lock queues ‌‌

3. Overseas wanderers

Walking, cycling or hiking, I get mega jealous when I see adventures making their way across continents or even the whole world and sharing shot after shot of beautiful people and beautiful scenery. A bit on the slow side, probably more exercise than we’d like, but totally worth it to find all the magical hidden away places you can find when not going by car. Great: Experiencing the little things! Great for your waistline. Bad: Blisters & flat tyres. ‌

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