29 questions LGBTQ+ people are sick of hearing

We asked and you gave us all the answers. From ‘how do gay people have sex?’ to ‘are you sure it’s not just a phase?’... we’ve explored all the questions people think it’s ok to ask. What do you think? What have you been asked before? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter.

Illustrations by Anshika Khullar @aorists

  1. How do gay people have sex?
  2. Why do you like men?
  3. Which do you prefer, men or women?
  4. Aren’t bisexual people more likely to cheat?
  5. Who’s the man and woman in the relationship?
  6. Who’s better at sex, guys or gals?
  7. How do you know if you’re bi?
  8. Are you sure that you are gay?
  9. How can two girls enjoy sex?
  10. Are you into threesomes?
  11. You don’t ‘look’ gay?
  12. You know your feelings might change, right?
  13. Are you sure it’s not just a phase?
  14. If you’re bi, are you gay if you’re with another guy?
  15. Which one of you is the man in the relationship?
  16. “You know what the bible says?” as if that’s gonna make it magically go away
  17. Being bi: “just pick girls or guys!”
  18. Since you’re bi, you wanna have a threesome?
  19. Which one of you is the top/bottom?
  20. Is it because of your ex? Because not all guys/girls are like that!
  21. Are you sure?
  22. If you’re REALLY bi, why have you dated two guys?
  23. Who wears the pants in the relationship?
  24. Oh my god, my aunt’s coworker’s cousin’s babysitter’s sister is just like you!
  25. So how does lesbian sex work?
  26. So if you’re bi, does that mean you’re not really into the same sex?
  27. When did you realise?
  28. What’s pansexual? Do you like PANS?
  29. Do your parents know?

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