12 reasons to love your single life

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Cue the soppy statuses, Instagram updates of 'boy did good' and Snapchats of romantic meals for two. Vom. So, instead of spending 14th February crying into a bottle of vodka (hey, we all know it ain't going to be chocolates!) just take a moment to appreciate why it's totally amazing being single...

1. Netflix & Chill Is Actually Netflix & Chill

amy schumer eating alone watching tvgif c/o: giphy.com Seriously, nothing is ruining Making a Murderer for me today!

2. Hairy Legs Are Totally Fine

cat falling slipping legsgif c/o: giphy.com Which means an extra layer of fur to keep you cosy around winter. Bonus.

3. You Don't Have To Share Food

90s food friends joey tribbiani i love pizzagif c/o: giphy.com A large pizza for one please. No plates necessary.

4. Starfishing

bed charlie day charlie kelly starfishgif c/o: giphy.com No snoring, no getting squashed, just absolute bed heaven.

5. Crazy Nights Don't Need Explaining

new girl drunk dancing jess daygif c/o: giphy.com Coming home to your friends in last night's clothes.  They don't judge,  a boyfriend or girlfriend probably would though. Just sayin'.

6. It's Always About Me, Me, Me

funny kim kardashian kris jenner jail conceitedgif c/o: giphy.com Now, who can top that!

7. You Don't Have To Spend Weekends Pretending To Like His/Her Friends

maya rudolph breakfast dude doug bridesmaidsgif c/o: giphy.com Faking smile for hours on end is just bad for your face.

8. More Money To Spend On Yourself

hustle hustler hustlin hustling moneygif c/o: giphy.com And no one to judge what you spend it on...

9. No One Can See Your Really Bad Habits

honey boo boo june pumpkin tlc mama junegif c/o: giphy.com Which is a good thing for everyone involved.

10. There's Nothing Gross Lying Around Your House. This Goes For Both Sexes!

gross jack sparrow disgusted eww gaggif c/o: giphy.com A stray eyelash, a dirty pair or boxers. Whatever it is, if it's not yours, it's gross.

11. Social Media = Safe Area (Kinda)

internet modern family research social media stalkinggif c/o: giphy.com It's totally fine to stalk that hottie you met in a bar the other night and 'accidently' like their photo without getting in trouble. Just don't go 42 weeks deep, no one can save you from that.

12. The Single World Is Your Oyster

love friends zooey deschanel new girl datinggif c/o: giphy.com You've got time to be picky and play the field. Enjoy it while it lasts. Safely, obviously.

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