Got a friend who's gym-obsessed?

If ever you see a funny meme on Instagram about those people at the gym who are always making grunting noises, is there someone who always pops up in your head? Or someone you can’t help yourself but tag in the comments because it reminds you of them so much?

Well, this gift guide is for the people who you always think about during these moments.

1. Nike Swoosh 2.0 Headband

To keep all the sweat from dripping onto your face and potentially into your eye, because that’s like getting shampoo in your eye when you were a kid and you thought that you’ll never be able to see again, the worst.

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2. Nike 16oz HyperCharge Straw

This water bottle is for everyone who feels the need to be extra at the gym. It comes in various colours too, so now you can be extra in numerous colours.

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3. Adidas Climalite Gloves

These gloves are for you people who actually weight train, keep your palms free from all those blisters with these handy Climalite gloves.

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4. JBL T600 Bluetooth noise cancelling on-ear headphones

The clue is in the name… “noise cancelling,” we do love noise cancellers, who wants headphones that allow background noise in?!

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5. 100% Egyptian cotton towels

Got to keep these gym towels handy, a face towel to keep with you while working out and a bath towel to use for when you shower after your work out… and a spare towel. Awkward.

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