A gift guide for your friend that's always a mess

1. A personalised diary

Anyone have that one friend who is super flaky, but they don’t even mean to be? Or, all the Birthday cards that you’ve received from this particular friend always has the word ‘belated’ on it because they never remember to buy your card on time. This personalised diary is the best thing for them, not only because they’re a mess but because they can use it to organise their entire life.

That’s if they use it appropriately, of course. An image

2. Hair ties

Pretty self-explanatory, but we all know one person who always asks for a hair tie or only has broken ones or just never has their own, so this gift can be one of their stocking, something small along with a funny message as to why you decided to buy them hair ties.

3. A waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker

This gift isn’t specifically for your friend that’s always a mess, but for anyone and everyone!

This would be a safe gift however for your friend that always seems to drop their phone, using your phone to listen to music while having a shower is probably not the best idea. So, gifting them this speaker designed to use while having a shower is the best! The speaker’s waterproof and connects to your phone via Bluetooth, so you’ll never need to worry about water damage to your phone! An image

4. Novelty socks

We all love socks, I mean, they’re part of your everyday outfit, but what’s better than normal socks?! Novelty ones!

5. Bath bombs

If you’ve never tried a Lush bathbomb, have you even lived?!

Now, we all have that one friend that’s a mess and aside from all the fun gifts, you could gift them it would be great to actually give them something they can use to relax. Being a mess might not always be a choice so giving them something to do to relax might be a great idea.

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