10 ways to be a little kinder every day

It's World Kindness Day but why should we wait for a day like this to do something nice for someone else? Here are ten, simple things you can do every day to spread a little bit of happiness.

1. Be polite

Manners cost nothing but a simple ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ go a long way so make a conscious effort to remember yours.

2. Send a thank you card

Go one step further and send a thank you card – they’re so underrated and a thoughtful way to show you appreciate someone.

3. Make a donation

Make yourself coffee and breakfast at home and put what you’d normally spend on it towards a cause or charity that’s close to your heart.

4. Put your phone away

Give the gift of your undivided attention by going phone-free next time you’re out with friends or family.

5. Make dinner

A home-cooked meal is the key to most people’s hearts.

6. Give up your seat

Whether you’re on the bus home or in the uni canteen, if there’s someone you think could use your seat more than you, give it up.

7. Offer to take a photo

Stop the person taking the group photo and offer to do it for them so they can remember the moment too.

8. Give someone your parking ticket

Heading home with a parking ticket that doesn’t expire for another few hours? Give it to a stranger as you leave the car park and save them a few pounds.

9. Let someone go in front of you

If the person behind you in the supermarket queue just popped in to get some milk, let them go in front of you. No-one likes waiting.

10. Write a review

Reviews are everything to small business so next time you shop from one, take a second to write a positive review about your experience.

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