4 reasons why energy drinks are bad for you

We’ve all heard of the drink-an-energy-drink-before-an-all-nighter trick or even tried the drink-an-energy-drink-before-an-all-nighter trick, did it work for you?

It works for some people and doesn’t work for some people and that factor alone is a bit weird. Since energy drinks are predominantly promoted in a positive light, I thought I’d share some reasons as to why you shouldn’t drink energy drinks to gain extra energy or keep you awake or help you complete an all-nighter just so you can stay up and revise or finish your coursework.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the cliche advice about how sleep is so important and making sure you’re getting enough sleep actually is super important, but please start taking that advice and putting it to use accordingly. Yes, I’m being your agony aunt right now. Sorry, not sorry.

Now, if that told-you-so advice didn’t work then let me break it down for you, here are 4 reasons why you shouldn't drink energy drinks, at all:

1. Caffeine overload

The amount of caffeine found in energy drinks can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. In case you forgot, the initial reason why you probably drank the energy drink in the first place was so you could stay up longer and complete whatever work it is you left until the last minute, so the last thing you want is something else to increase your stress and anxiety levels, right? An image GIF source

2. Organ risks

One of the last reasons why drinking energy drinks is a huge no, no is the toll it takes on your internal organs such as your brain, liver, kidneys and heart- just to name a few. The stimulants used to make energy drinks signals your body to react as if it’s in a fight and let’s be honest, your body just cannot take that level of stress on a regular basis. Therefore, it will eventually fight back. An image GIF source

3. Sugar filled

I get it, the majority of us love, love, love sugar and sweet things and that’s completely fine (in moderation, of course) but energy drinks are disgustingly sugar-filled and let’s face it there are better ways to intake your sugar, how ‘bout a slither (or rather large) slice of cake or a brownie (or two), maybe add a scoop of ice-cream… a scoop and a half wouldn’t hurt. See what I did there, a slice of cake, a brownie WITH ice-cream sounded good, didn’t it? Much better than an energy drink.
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4. Moody mood swings

Moody mooderson, I mean, if you’re a girl then most of you are already blessed with those splendid monthly mood swings, ugh- sucks, I know. But you can take your mood swing level down a notch or two if you stop drinking energy drinks because that’s one of the main causes of drinking energy drinks. MOOD. SWINGS.

Don’t think I’m only targeting females, oh no, you guys too, we know all about your mood swings. I’m sure not all guy mood swings are down to drinking energy drinks, but I bet a lot of them are. So STOP. An image GIF source

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