Top 5 Mother's Day DIY gifts

Mother's Day is drawing closer and closer by the day. Time to make the special lady in your life feel even more loved! But, what do you buy for her if she's got everything? We've got 5 awesome ideas that you can whip up in a few hours and really make her smile.

1. Personalized coasters

These awesome coasters made out of Scrabble tiles can be adapted to say any of her favorite four letter words. You can create it with names of your family, your pets, her favorite drinks, anything!


2. Nom central Pinterest board

Parents love when you cook for them, so take the plunge and grab a recipe off our foodie Pinterest board. We love the look of these blackberry and lemon cupcakes - how pretty is that frosting?


3. Homemade beauty products

From DIY Soap to flavored Bath Bombs, you can create the nicest beauty and skincare goodies from most standard kitchen ingredients. Plus, these are much kinder to skin than usual, shop-bought varieties. mothers-days-2

4. Photo albums & scrapbooks

This could document your most recent family holiday, or even your favorite moments from your childhood, anything with memories will make this amazing! Bind them all together in a ring-binder or even take them to a professional shop to be bound for that extra special touch. The thought definitely counts with this one, don't worry if it's not as neat as you hope.


5. DIY macrame bracelets

Kind of like grown-up friendship bracelets, these Macrame bracelets are perfect for stylish Moms. All you need is pastel colored thread and something pretty to have in the middle of it all, plus a steady hand!


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