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Gotta run to the store

We all know at least one person who hoards sneakers. Forget about using sneakers just for the gym...they practically SLEEP in them. If you’re a good friend who is willing to feed into their obsession (a few pairs of sneakers never hurt anybody), here are the pairs we think you should go for.

Our fav textured shoes

An image If someone’s obsessed with sneakers, they’ll probably want to try out something new. These textured sneaks from Reebok are different and exciting, but still subtle and sophisticated. They’re a great day-to-day shoe, and they’ll look good with any outfit you throw on with them.

For a nice pop of color

An image A pop of color is always a good idea when it comes to footwear. We’re obsessed with these bright red Adidas sneakers, which could be worn out for a run or even dressed up with a nice outfit.

Everyone needs some versatile sneaks

An image Another great pair of versatile sneakers that will be great for any sneakerhead are these bad boys from Under Armour. They’re a nice neutral color that can be worn by anyone, for any occasion, with any outfit. Boom.

When isn't satin appropriate?

An image Promise me you’ll buy a pair of satin sneakers either for yourself or your favorite sneakerhead. These beauties from Puma are STUNNING, and each color brings a different vibe to the look (red is our fav!). They’re the best kind of shoe to wear for a class presentation when you need to look ~like a person~ but you still want to be comfy. They belong in The Louvre, honestly.

Slip-ons ftw

An image Slip on shoes are huge right now, and we’re so thankful. They’re the perfect thing to slip on and go when you’re running late, and you can make really great outfits out of them. For a maaaajor discount you can run to Adidas And grab the greatest slip ons you’ll ever own. They’re a very necessary addition to any sneaker collection, especially due to their unique criss-cross detailing.

A sophisticated take

An image Some shiny suede shoes (say that 10 times fast) are vital to any self-respecting sneaker collection, and these sleek Reeboks are living proof. You honestly can’t go wrong with these shoes in any color, but we’re super into the beige ones right now.

Some subtle platforms

An image A huuuge trend that every sneakerhead should know right now is PLATFORM SNEAKS. This gorgeous pair from Puma is perfect, especially if they’ve never worn platform sneakers before (they’re not tall enough to break an ankle in). This is a perfect casual shoe that can be dressed up or down, and can get you from class to class while looking great.

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