6 gifts for that friend who's always a mess

Get their sh*t together

Everyone has that one friend that you know means well but no matter what they do they are late or forget something, or just all out forget about big plans. Well, help them make 2019 a better year and buy them any of these gifts that will help them become a more organized and put together person.

1. A backpack

This backpack isn’t only large enough to help hold all the important things your friend needs to carry around, it's also super cute and won’t throw off any fabulous outfits they have planned. Grab it from Reebok and make sure to use you UNiDAYS student discount. Full price? I don’t know her. An image Img source

2. A wallet

If you never want to hear the words, “I forgot my credit card” ever again, grab them this large wallet. It’s not so large that it’ll to be hard to fit into a bag, but it is large enough to have an area for each card, cash, and coins. They’ll have no excuse to not have money anymore. Get it from Ugg for next to nothing using your student discount. An image Img source

3. A smartwatch

This watch can help with everything they need to keep track of, so all they have to do is put it on their wrist. With the Gear Fit2 Pro they will have a fitness tracker, music player and all their texts and calls at the touch of their finger. On top of that, the battery lasts for days. So, when they forget to charge it (which we know they will), they will have full battery for days until they eventually remember to charge it. Get it from Samsung with an insaaaaane discount. An image Img source

4. A pair of sneakers

What's better for the person that is always running because they are running late than a great pair of sneakers! With Under Armour, you can get cute, comfortable, and long lasting sneakers for your friend is who is constantly running around, and you don’t even have to spend your life savings on it (LOL what life savings). An image Img source

5. A desk calendar

Everyone has trouble remembering the exact day it is, but sometimes these friends have trouble even remembering the month. Grab them an entertaining (and helpful) desk calendar so they’ll never have to ask what day it is again. Grab it from Nasty Gal and definitely pick up one for yourself, because we all need one. An image Img source

6. A planner

Help them actually remember what they have to do every day by grabbing them a 12-month planner. With this planner, they can get a look at what their week and month look like with just the flip of a page. Obviously Moleskine is the only brand we trust when trying to reign in our most unorganized friends. And, obviously, if you can get a Harry Potter one, GET A HARRY POTTER ONE. An image Img source

Who knows if any of these products will actually be able to fix their forgetfulness but we can keep trying to help them!

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