7 bathing suits for girls who skipped the gym

You promised yourself your body would be ready for Spring Break by now, yet Spring Break is upon us and you're not any nearer to that Hadid sister summer bod than you were after Christmas. Don't worry, we know every body is a beach body, and we promise-- you're still beautiful.

We want you to know first and foremost that you are beautiful. Lucky for you, bathing suit manufacturers are aware of some of our problem areas/insecurities, and have committed to making you looks as beautiful as you feel. They've crafted some really unique and stylish suits that give us the confidence to flaunt what we’ve got up and down the beach.

Here are the suits that’ll help you to look like you spent a whole semester at the gym:

Cut (it) out

We love the cut-out detail on this one-piece suit from Aerie. When you opt for a cut-out, you’re getting all the perks of a one-piece (holds you in, helps you feel covered) because you are all of those things, but that’s not what everyone else sees. This bathing suit is ultra flattering because of the cut that shows off beautiful shoulders and some seriously sexy sideboob, which, besides underboob, is the best boob to show.

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Flattering side panels

This sporty suit from Roxy is super slimming thanks to the long dark panels up the sides. In contrast with the light spotted pattern in the middle, this suit carves out that hourglass shape, even if you don’t have one. Plus it has sleeves so if you're prone to sunburn (like me) or even just bad at reapplication, you can avoid the messy tan lines.

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Divert attention

Thank God for Sabrina the Teenage Witch, am I right? And, thanks to the upcoming reboot the show is still topical (it’ll probably always be topical because witches). We love this suit from Boohoo because it draws attention to the fun, conversation-inducing pop-culture reference, and that halter top aspect will flaunt the asset you choose to highlight (the girls). You’ll stand a little taller when you’re wearing this because you’ll be channeling Sabrina, and good posture is the #1 slimming trick we’ve got in our arsenal.

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Create an illusion

There’s a reason for the double band of neon fabric across the ribcage here and it’s because it highlights the smallest part of your waist, making you look super slim. This flattering bathing suit from ASOS is also perfect for girls with larger busts. The ribbing up the front sides also works as an optical illusion. It draws the eye up, which is a simple mind trick that creates a longer line, making you appear taller and thinner.

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High waist

Anyone who is a little sensitive about their tummy should stock up on high-waisted bikini bottoms and embrace this trend! It’s sexy because it’s totally vintage-inspired and it hides a multitude of skin. The stripes on this suit from Missguided give the suit a nautical flair. It also creates the proportion of an hourglass figure for those girls who are built straight up and down.

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Vertical stripes

We all know that horizontal stripes aren’t the most flattering (not that that’s ever stopped us from wearing them), but that's because their sister the VERTICAL stripe is where it's at. This suit from Urban Outfitters will do just the opposite of making you look wider! The up and down lines will (once again) create the illusion that you’re longer, leaner, and overall tinier than you actually are. Plus, the black and white color palette here will pop once you’ve got yourself a tan!

An image

Play with proportions

This has come up a few times already, but this suit is a great example of how you can highlight and accentuate an area you’re proud of while flattering a part that you might not necessarily be. Like the suits above, this ASOS stunner is perfect for giving you the body you want, and playing with the tropical pattern we’re all so fond of when we’re at the beach. The vertical stripes on the bottom lengthens you whereas the plunging top will draw attention to your bust line. Plus it's REVERSIBLE!

An image

We’re not telling you, by any means, to hide a single thing about your beautiful body. We say EMBRACE what you’ve got. But sometimes, your confidence falters when you’re not feeling comfortable, and that’s exactly what we’re trying to help save here. We hope our picks and tips for creating the summer bod illusion give you that little extra boost and help you to have the most incredible trip of your life!

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