3 perfect comfy looks for travel

Suit up.

You guys, there’s a reason celebs are obsessed with their OnePiece jumpsuits: they’re awesome. From a Kardashian girl’s night in to a 4th of July party at Taylor’s, they make for the perfect fashion meets function happy medium, and the whole squad looks straight fire when they playsuit up.

I can’t think of a more perfect airport get up when you’re headed to your Spring Break destination (better yet-- your entire group should be decked in head-to-toe matching pieces). With plenty of pocket room for goodies and an option to buy an actual faux flight suit, you’ll be soaring the skies in style.

We need to acknowledge that this is going to be one outfit that you absolutely live in while you’re at home, though we encourage you to sport it in public as well (you’ll look like a celeb, promise). Cuddle up on the couch for a week of straight Netflix and chill, and we promise you’ll be wearing it daily in your dorm.


We also love that most of their jumpsuits are unisex. We’re actually obsessed with the Isabelle Aviator jumpsuit (pictured above), and so is just about every celebrity we see on Instagram. I mean “I feel the need for sleep” written on the back is absolutely perfect for flying/lounging and it’s just totally badass.


You can’t go wrong with the Original. We like blue because the skies and water are blue where we're headed over Spring Break! They're available in every color, so you might want to tell the whole gang to pick a color and stick to it.


Have you ever seen anything that looks comfier or cozier than the Grey Melange jumpsuit?! Can't you just tell how soft it is by looking at it? I want to crawl into that hood and die there. We can pretty much guarantee that everyone we know will be like, "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?" and you'll casually be like, "UNiDAYS, duh" while quietly passing out your referral link and racking up more rewards points, in order to buy more of these comfy suits. One in every color should do the trick.

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